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Deborah Arca

Director of Content

Progressive Christianity, Contemplative Spirituality, Youth Ministry, Liturgy, and Music

Deborah Arca joined the Patheos team in 2009 after serving as the Program Manager for the Programs in Christian Spirituality at the San Francisco Theological Seminary. During that time, she managed the Program's renowned spiritual direction and spiritual formation programs and continuing education events, as well as the Youth Ministry & Spirituality Project, a Lilly Endowment-funded national research project integrating spiritual practices with youth ministry. Deborah has also been a youth minister, a director of music and theatre programs for children and teens, and a music minister. Deborah belongs to a progressive United Church of Christ church in Englewood, CO. She is also the managing editor of the Progressive Christian Channel and Book Club at Patheos.

Recent Articles

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A Faith That Liberates: A Q&A with Monica A. Coleman

"We need to change laws and efforts at justice, yes, but we also need to change vision and hearts so that when people see a young black child playing, they see just that — a child. Not a criminal or a threat. A child." Read More »