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Public Square

What Is the Future of Faith in America?

This summer, Patheos is conducting a nine-week series reflecting on the findings of the May 2015 Pew report on faith in America and considering the future of faith. This week the Progressive Christians reflect on their future. The Mormon week is coming up next week. Would you like to participate?

Benjamin the Scribe

New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 28: Acts 1-5

Today we begin something new that is neither here nor there. Acts is not a letter, like so much of the rest of the New Testament will be. But it’s not a gospel, like the first four books we’ve read. Luke makes clear that it’s a sequel of sorts to his gospel. “In the first [Read More...]


Please Don’t Tolerate Me

I’m traveling in India these days, which means that I’m enjoying a lovely respite from going to church. There’s no denying it. At least, denying it would only be another act of inauthenticity by which many of us church-goers live. Church is largely a chore, aggravating and exhausting, which I undertake once a week because [Read More...]

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