On Second Thought: Episode 12 – First Love, Then Marriage

On Second Thought: Episode 12 – First Love, Then Marriage July 26, 2012

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now! 

Episode Twelve, Air Date: July 24, 2012

I don’t know where to start on this one.

On second thought, I really wish I’d handled things differently with Gino. I’d had big expectations for a fun trip together, but I think I was too ambitious.  Going that far with a small child was going to be hard enough.  But adding in romantic drama was just a bridge too far.

I didn’t want to continue fighting with Gino in front of Tripp, so I decided to just have him get out.  (Of course, I knew he’d be okay.  Not only is he a capable adult, I also knew there were cameramen from Lifetime who wouldn’t let him die on the side of the road.)

Anyway, I don’t want to write much more about this episode except that dating when you already have a kid is hard.  I think the old school yard chant, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes so-and-so with a baby carriage” has more wisdom in it than we knew as kids.

But that’s not where I am, and life is complicated.  I don’t want to write much more about it.

However, God is in control of my life…  even though sometimes it’s hard to see.

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  • felisha

    If you weren’t wanting to fight with him in front of your son, then you don’t kick someone out of the car and leave them to fend for themselves. That is just immature and a bad example for Tripp. When my husband and I are fighting, and our child is in the car next to us…we don’t kick each other out of the car. We save the conversation for later…like an adult. I’ve lost a lot of respect for you and will not be watching the show anymore. Sooner or later you’re going to have to grow up—stop preaching to the world about their problems and start fixing your own.

    • Zooey

      How does she preach? I see NO preaching from her at all. She’s giving viewers come reality into a highly publicized life. 4 years ago, people wouldn’t let her liveprivately. People were stalking her every move and paying friends to dish. Despite that AND Despite her ex boyfriend talking trash on national tv for cash, she lived privately working a normal job for the first year of Tripp’s life. That’s respectable.

      Why don’t you choose not to judge and assume things you couldn’t know.

      • lizzy

        NO one stopped Bristol from living a private life..seems her brother has been able to do it! Bristol went looking for the public life and sometimes the backlash is that great.

    • MFM

      People live in the moment. Bristol has admitted she’s in constant learning mode, as we all are. This blog obviously shows she recognizes past mistakes. And everything was obviously fine on that trip considering how quickly Tripp forgot about Gino leaving and how happy he looked in later footage.
      People need to learn not to take shit in life and know when they’re being disrespected. Bristol remained calm in the car, despite the egging-on.

      This is one huge reason one shouldn’t judge 2 minutes of a TELEVISION SHOW. You’re a distant audience member who 1. isn’t inside the “Actor’s head”. 2. who are you to judge.

    • Cookie

      But felisha, it’s ok because the Lifetime crew picked him up doncha’know? You are obviously a hater who loves Obama because he gives you food stamps and free abortions. Oh and you are a jealous basement dweller.

      • lizzy

        LOL, you’ve got the talking points down pretty good.

  • Jburgess

    Absolutely love the show Bristol, you say what you feel and stick up for what you believe in. The world needs more people like you. I would love to know if their is any talk of a season 2?

  • Vickie

    Bristol… I have to say you are one strong women.. And you are right raising a child in highschool and on your own is very hard. But I do have to say you have a guy who LOVES your little TRIPP!!!! You both make a cute couple!! Stay strong!!!

    • lizzy

      You do realize Bristol is 21 going on 22, right..She wasn’t IN high school when she had Tripp.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    So sorry to see the discord between you and Gino. I know we only see a small portion of what actually goes on in your lives. I don’t think from the little bit I’ve seen either of you appear ready for marriage. I do think you care a lot about each other and maybe time will help you both to learn you work thru misunderstandings not walk away from them. You were wrong to put him out of the car. I really am pulling for you, but that was not a mature thing to do. The mature thing, IMO, would have been to just keep your mouth shut in front of Tripp and worked it out in private or wait till you got back home. I’m not taking sides but I do think you were wrong in the way you handled it, but that is why you are not ready for marriage. Still a lot of growing up to do even tho you are a Mom. Love you and your family and wish you the best.

  • Ryan

    Bristol, you are a wonderful person. I, as a male, look up to you. You are a very interesting person and and a fantastic roemodel. I would love to meet you sometime. The world needs more people like you who are strong, independent, and not afraid to state their opinion on things. I am one who would never miss your show! I love it! I DVR it every time so i can re-watch it. I wish you would do a season 2! I will miss watching you! I honestly think that you made the right decisions with Gino were very mature about the whole situation. Please remember for me – you are doing an excellent job raising Tripp and you are definatly NOT the only parent who has had your 3 year use bad language!!! I admire you as a single mom and think you are doing an excellent job Bristol!

  • Jennifer Wallace

    It is nice to have a strong-willed, independent and beautiful woman in the media to serve as a role model for young women on what not to do and do. I enjoy watching your show and am a big fan of your mother.

    I know that it is not possible for the public to know every aspect of yours and Gino’s relationship and rightfully so, but that was definitely not my favorite part of the episode.

    There is no perfect relationship except for the one God has with us. We are human and we make mistakes. There are always going to be disagreements and arguments…its how two people either grow together or grow apart.

    I grew up in a blended family and now I mother one…it’s hard so to find a man that loves Tripp as much as Gino does and it is a great thing. I hope it works out according to what Gods will is for you and Tripp.

    Always watching and hoping for a second season.
    God bless you and yours! 🙂

  • Linda Dean

    Remember when you were a kid, and played on the teeder-toddle? It takes a partner to balance it, and when you go up and down, you have this trust, that when your way up in the air that the kid at the bottom wont suddenly hop off and let you come crashing down hard to the ground. Rember that feeling? Bristol, you were that kid at the bottom who hopped off and let Gino fall hard to the ground when you put him out to fend for himself. Seriously, you just lost this mans trust, if it were me, I would be scared to ever go anywhere with you for fear of being put out by the roadside just because you didnt have your big girl panties on. Gino might not admit it, but he wont trust you the same way again, and what you did amounted to emotional blackmail. Make me mad, out you go!! Real mature NOT!! Very disappointed in you right now.

  • katie

    I enjoy watching your show. When I was in my early 20’s I was a complete idiot in relationships and I think some of the emotional stuff just comes with the age. Boys are that age are totally immature and so are girls and the whole kicking someone out of the car because they got on your last nerve probably doesn’t happen in front of kids when you’re in your 30’s but it does when you’re in your 20’s. Kicking your boyfriend out of the car to send a message is a very normal thing for a 20 year old to do – don’t be too hard on yourself. I used to throw things across the room – it’s not nice, but it is somewhat normal. If you can, chew a piece of gum or something when you feel like kicking someone out of the car or saying something you’ll regret and wait 30 minutes and the problem will probably resolve itself. Cooped up in a car or house is stressful for any couple but add a toddler and it’s just very difficult – I think it’s called reflexive biting. It seems like Gino really adores you and that kind of adoration doesn’t last forever with men. I used to think the parties and the guys would go on forever, but it does change as we mature so if you can forgive and call each other friends you’ll be in good shape. You can build a life and a history with someone and that’s worth a lot in the end. We’re all numbskulls in relationships early on. If you can don’t criticize your partner and they won’t criticize you. It’s hard, but try it and you’ll notice a difference. Men need lots of encouragement and praise – much more than women. Take care!

  • haley

    I absolutely love you and Gino together—better yet, Tripp and Gino together. I think the three of you need each other more than you know, and I hope you can work things out. God bless

  • Cozette

    Life is not all fun. Life is full of ups and downs. Life is what you make it. Life is better when you walk with God and really consider what would Jesus do. You have to do as your mom said. Learn to humble yourself. You are such a great role model but you need to work on how to build a relationship, not tear it down. What I see from the show (which I watch with my 8 year old granddaughter, we both love it), is the lack of communication. You and Willow both say what you want someone else to hear then you say, “I’m done”. That isn’t fair to the other person who you cut off. Learn to express yourself and then allow the other person to voice themselves then agree or disagree. Fights and fusses happen. It is how you deal with it that helps you grow.

  • Emma Lora

    Admitting you wish you had done it differently is the first step and a mature one. None of us know how we would have handled thousands of miles of tension with a relationship in making. We all would like to think… very well… Long road trips even w/ married partners w/ young or older children is asking a lot for the emotional system. It is difficult to settle difference when opportunities are not as available. Time will give you opportunity to sharpen iron w/ iron and improve communications. You are both young and will have more opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them. Your show is great… showing kids that obstacles are tuffer with a single young mom. That was your goal. If your worst critics don’t have near-perfect children or a near-perfect relationship that have already survived long road trips, then their criticism & advice is suspect. I’m looking forward to the next show!! & your dad’s show!!

  • Cozette

    I just needed to add, I was also in your position, I was married, horrible relationship, lasted 6 months, he beat me up, I left, found out I was pregnant. Had a beautiful little girl. She and I were going to go through life together, no more men! Then, God sent the most amazing man into my life. He loved me, loved my daughter and we all 3 dated. Two months later we married. 29 years later, I am watching your show, with the daughter of my daughter with my gift from God right beside me. I am so glad I didn’t follow the path I had set for myself and listened to God. Stop trying to run Gino off. I did the same thing Bristol, I tried my best to convince my husband I wasn’t worthy of his love because I was beating myself up over the mistakes I had made and really believed I was not worthy of anything good because of those mistakes. God knew better. Life is good.

    • Emma Lora

      great post Cozette

  • Nicole S.

    I love your show and have a great deal of respect for you and for your family. Gino seems to be a great father figure for Tripp and its easy to see why Tripp adores him and vice versa. I hope things have/will work out for you guys. Being 22 myself, I’ve done those silly relationship flubs like kicking my fiance out of the car and throwing things in his general direction. Thankfully he is very patient with me, and we never fight in front of our son if we can avoid it but sometimes it happens. Not your finest moment but I can say I still respect you and what you stand for. I have hope for a season 2 and also love your book. Being a mom isn’t easy especially at a young age but your doing a great job and are NOT a failure, keep going and never lose FAITH!

  • sally

    white trash

  • sally

    face lift cannot hide Bristol’s nastiness.

  • sally

    Bristol running for worst Mother of the year, 2012. Place your vote.

  • Cozette

    Sally, really honey, your nastiness is showing. Run along now dear.

  • sally

    Just think if Sarah was VP. The world would look at Bristol & say,” what the f@@k is wrong with this girl? “

  • sally

    Bristol, no body likes her. Even her son hates her.

  • Cozette

    That is what we have your for Sally.

  • sally

    Pimp the Tripp, no wonder why he hates you. Levi should take this show to court to get custidy of Tripp. He would win.

    • Kay

      Seriously Sally, why do you even read her blog if you clearly hate her so much? Go away. Haters just want to hate.

    • Emma Lora

      Sally I hope you are not around children with that jealous hateful attitude. Words and moods come and go… children can learn about forgiveness and forgiving, but a consistant, unbending, hateful attitude is far worse for children and adults and yourself. Did these kind of words enter your young ears? If so I am very sorry, but you don’t have to continue a hateful attitude…. far worse then any temporty frustrations Bristol may have displayed and feels responsible for. She will learn from her mistakes, pick herself up and carry on. If you don’t see what you are doing & change, then you will continue into old age bitter and miserable. Hoping the better outcome for you.

    • Truth101

      What would Ricky Hollywood pay with his jellybeans? Boy, you losers are pathetic.

    • Piscean Gal

      Sally, the way Tripp curses and the way Bristol handles it (by laughing), and the way he throws out gay slurs (that he seems to have gotten from Willow) and the way Bristol handles it (By laughing) I agree with you 100%. Bristol loves to complain about what an “absent” parent Levi is, but really, when you think about it, how much TIME does she actually spend with her son? She’s off here and there, leaving him with others, picking him up from others, leaving him with Willow every night nearly, when she went to Beverly Hills, it just seems like she doesn’t want to take her parental responsibilities seriously, especially after reading how loose his arm straps of his car seat were in an episode. To me, that just seems like a NATURAL thing, to check and tighten if need be, but she is so caught up with the camera and being ON, that she neglects her son. You heard her and Gino’s fight. She again, acts like the victim, and when he gets tired of her crap, and walks away, she goes after him and says, “You’re really gonna walk away like a little girl, in front of the camera?” He tells her to have them turn off the camera’s, but does she? NOPE…..she is so self centered, it’s pathetic….

  • Cheryl

    The worst part was poor Tripp begging her not to leave Gino and she says I’ll find you a good daddy.One who treats Mommy right…Wow.The look on poor Tripp’s face.I wish Bristol had had to look in his eyes at that moment and realize how she was hurting her son even more than Gino.

    • Jellybean

      Are you kidding? The whole palin clan are professional victims. Always victims and must be treated like princesses. Gino should run and run fast before the kid gets any older. For this cow to refer to him as “daddy” before they have a permanent relationship is so fricking cruel.

      • Emma Lora

        Trashers, you are painting a self portrait! You are “agast” at Bristol’s choice of words and yet you display a TOTAL lack of respect, faux-superiority, envy, & snarky accusative rhetoric, while criticizing her. The trashing comes easily, consistantly & emotionally from you … is it a part of your character that you choose to celebrate? Differences are you are not revealing who and what you are (do you have children, do you have a degree in child care or psychology ? ), while Bristol is out in the open. Your cowardly diatribe is in the dark, while Bristol courageously takes responsibility in the light. Your portrait reveals bitter, angry & jealous people whose main outlet is to self-righteously trash someone else. We see nothing else from you. We see so much more from Bristol.. many positive moments, many strengths and some weaknesses, just like all of us supporting her. I hope I am wrong about the trashers, but it is the portrait they have painted of themselves.

  • stacie

    Willow bettering herself by getting educated. Bristol, just making money off of getting screwed & knock up. There is nothing else she has ever done.

    • Truth101

      Why don’t you get screwed/knocked up and maybe you can make some money?

    • Piscean Gal

      exactly, Stacie, and I don’t much like Willow anymore, but she does have a plan, it seems, and she’s doing her thing, but she SURE does have a chip on her shoulder, for REAL, treats Andy, who CLEARLY really likes her, like a POS…

  • stacie

    Bristol, I love your show. You show all young girls how to treat their children. I am following your examples & my son now says he hates me! I am just as cool as you!

  • stacie

    any one wonder why Track, Bristol brother has nothing to do with his family. He seems to be the best Palin there is.

    • Cookie

      Really where do you find any criticism of Track? Palin cultist mantra repeated ad nauseum”the left hate anything Palin” first of all since when does not being part of their cult automatically makes you a “liberal “hater” or “food stamp recipient” or for that matter an Obama supporter? Track is off limits because he has not chosen to parade his family around, warts and all. All of us commenting here have weaknesses and strenghts but we are not public figures so why say “you haters must be perfect, your children must be flawless” and so on, it’s apples and oranges. But I digress there’s no room for meaningful discussion with any person deep in cult of personality.

      • Truth101

        What are you talking about? The liberals on here don’t have any children. It’s called abortion.

    • Piscean Gal

      I ALWAYS forget about Track. He followed in his mothers footsteps, in a way. SHE got pregnant with him before she was married, Bristol got pregnant as a teen, and Track got HIS girlfriend pregnant before they married….wonder who will be next in the Palin clan….

  • stacie

    I’ll find you a good daddy. Think about it. Bristol change men dad after dads. No concern for her son. Tripp is just a source of money.

    • Truth101

      Why don’t you go get a source for money?

  • Team Bristol

    Whoever this “sally” is. You need to shut your mouth and say mature things. Really, grow up. Your being completly inmature. Bristol is a great person who is an excellent single mother and is doing a wonderfull job rasing Tripp.

  • Cheryl

    Very wise words spoken, Bristol. Thank you for continuing to share your steps of growth with us.

  • stacie

    Bristol is very unhappy person. Watch her take it out on child. She constantly trashes his Dad. She trows Gino out on the street.Who would behave like this? Only a disturbed girl.

  • BlueVA

    “I didn’t want to continue fighting with Gino in front of Tripp, so I decided to just have him get out. (Of course, I knew he’d be okay…I also knew there were cameramen from Lifetime who wouldn’t let him die on the side of the road.)”

    In other words, this show doesn’t depict reality. Amongst other things that call the “reality” moniker into question, who else can put her boyfriend out of the car in the middle of nowhere and know that he’ll have a whole production crew to rescue him? Where’s the remorse? Where’s the prayer thanking G-d that Gino was indeed safe? This was difficult to watch. As usual, Tripp suffers. Bristol does herself no favors with this fiasco of a show. She’s as whiny as they come. I can no longer watch. So viewers will now total 200,000 minus one.

    • lizzy

      Watching the poor little boy in each episode is heartbreaking..If you are searching for a husband fine but Tripp has a Daddy Bristol. Stop teaching him to call all the boyfriends in your life Daddy…not good, not good at all just ask Dr Laura..isn’t she your Moms friend.

    • Piscean Gal

      does she even HAVE that many viewers?

  • stacie

    pure white trash

    • Truth101

      You are the trash.

    • liberty

      Looking in the mirrow again stacie

  • crystal

    Love you Bristol. I love your whole family. I love your courage and what it must take to stand up for what you believe in and be in the public eye. I have the same conservative beliefs and I’m so proud of you for standing your ground. I’m loving your show! I was so sad to see you and gino fight but it happens. No relationship will be perfect. It’s just about the ups and downs and weathering the storms. Hugs hugs! Thanks for doing the show and letting the world into your lives!

  • Bristol – I am sorry there are so many mean-spirited people that leave comments. I just started taping your shows so that I don’t miss any. I’ve been a big fan of yours since Dancing with the Stars. I think your show is great. And Tripp is adorable!

  • stacie

    At least Bristol has not screwed black men like her Mother.

    • Jellybean

      Having a fling with Glen Rice is not the problem. It’s denying it so her racist, redneck, tea party (new name for the senior citizen kkk crowd) fans would keep loving her, I find offensive.

      • Truth

        Jellybean, I don’t remember the governor commenting on it one way or the other as the way it should be because it is none of your freckin business. That hateful writer threw that out there because he thought the governor would comment on it and than he could turn around and call her a racist.

        It sucks to be you.

      • Emma Lora

        The motives and purpose of postitive, uplifting comments are to encourage, support, express admiration, show gratitude, etc.

        The motives and purpose of negative, destructive comments are what?? jealous resentment? mean spiritedness?? desire to destroy?? freakish Illusion of control?? desiring the illusion of superiority?? cowards bullying those who step out with courage?? or maybe even guilt or fear? What is the motive??

      • liberty

        JellyIDIOT THAT NEVER HAPPENED. But I heard about your how should I say this that you are very friendly with animals .

        • Truth101


      • liberty

        Hey everybody Jelly idiots neighbor just told me he saw JellyIDIOT being very very friendly with his dog if you know what I mean.

      • liberty

        Jelly IDIOT I bet you never thought that anybody would find out that you were such a lover of animals.

    • Truth

      OMG! Let your true colors show you racists. I luv it when you kooks are losing than you fall back on how much you hate black people. You are scum.

    • Cookie

      Tsk tsk stacy! o/t uncalled for and will likely be singled out to paint with a broad brush all commenters here who do not worship at the palin altar. Shame on you.

    • BlueVA

      What’s wrong with “screwing” black men? You nasty thing.

    • liberty

      Thats been debunked it’s a lie

    • Piscean Gal

      is there something wrong with having sex with black men?

  • Cortnee

    IF you hate bristol so bad why do you watch the show???? I just dont understand! it makes me sick to think that you all have so much hate in your heart. I understand that this was not her shining moment but we dont know what lead up to this. Stacie called her “pure white trash” why? i dont see it! Has anyone else ever noticed that liberals and democrats are the first to start the name calling! I believe that bristol and her family are strong.. they make me proud to be an american and a women. I had my daughter when i was 20 years old i did everything backwards, but now im married and have a wonderful husband that treats my daughter like his own!!!!!! before you haters point fingers just remember 3 are all ways pointing back at you!!!! make sure you slate is clear.. Bristol may not be perfect but either am i and either are all of you.

  • LickMeBristol

    “However, God is in control of my life… even though sometimes it’s hard to see.”
    So, it was “God” who decided to throw Gino out? Was it “God” who gave you the wine coolers before you put your ankles behind your ears for Levi?
    How convenient for you. Sure beats having to take responsibility for your own choices.

  • Abby

    I think you’re a strong beautiful woman. I love watching your show forany reasons but one being that I had my son at 18 and met my fiancé at 19 1/2 and we have been together ever since. I find it really easy to relate to you and your life (minus the money haha). I reared up watching the show last night because I know how hard it is to have a son who thinks of my fiancé as his dad and they love each other terribly yet sometimes relationships aren’t that easy. I commend you for not wanting to argue in front of Tripp but don’t agree with how you put him out. It looked to me that you were a tad irritated and took it out on whoever was disposable at the moment. I know us as viewers don’t get to see the full story but he loves you and Tripp. I had a lot of trust issues with my fiancé (been engaged for 6 years now) but had to weigh the good and the bad and push through our hard times. Relationships have ups and downs and noone is perfect. I would love to meet you one day and I really hope you go for a second season. I hope you and Gio are happy together or separate. Tripp is so adorable FYI and all the haters need to back off. Boys will be boys and EVERY child has said a bad word at least once in their lifetime.

  • Regan Mies

    @louiseharas. That’s all fine, but she is on TV and you obviously watch the show. Additionally, you also read her “afterthought” blog posts so while you may think that she needs to make some improvements as a parent… if you’re also a parent, then you know that we could all do a little better at times. I have a 16 month old myself and if someone were filming my life then they would certainly see that I have some “afterthoughts” myself. She’s not on TV for people to dissect her parenting skills. If you don’t like it, don’t watch.

    On another note. I love this show. Mostly because I’m from Anchorage and it’s fun to see our town on camera.

  • lizzie tullis

    wow… atleast if people hate you guys they still give you attention which helps u out… hahaha. so please… keep watching and hating… you guys are jealous… if u say u dont like em and u hate them… lies.. cause u have time to post on her blog. i love watching your show. i love seeing how life is in alaska <3. lifes not perfect… everyone has life probs… thank you for allowing us in your life.. pffft if i had a camera crew filming me.. everyone would be bored..

  • Cortnee

    i so wish there were like buttons on here….@lizzie tullis you took the words right out of my mouth

  • lizzie tullis

    please do a show on.. if u live here… this is what youll need for a beginer in alaska… <3<3<3<<3<3<3. seein the lifestyle is makin me want to live there!!!!

    • lizzy

      Bristol’s and Sarah’s shows are all about fun and games, fishing , shooting, snowmachines..they don’t tell you about the high prices for fuel, groceries, electricity..having to plug in and start your car at 40 below every couple hrs when you are at work, the ice fog, the darkness in the winter etc…please don’t think of just jumping up and moving to Alaska based on these shows..go and visit and check it out first.

    • Kady

      I totally agree! Alaska is so beautiful and I had never considered living there until Sarah Palin had her show and now Bristol. They have really shown how beautiful it is. I would love to see more of Alaska and what there is to do for families, etc.

      • tom stewart

        Please move there Kady, we’re trying to export all the weirdos to a place where they can’t do much harm. There’s lots of meth there too, I’m sure you’ll be happy.

  • Cozette

    Great post Emma. How judgemental the haters are. Silly Sally.

  • renee martin

    My husband and I watch your show how ever we agree with Willow. Gino is not the one for you. You need to move on and find someone better.

  • Ray

    Bristol, even though it is hard to read all the irrational hatred towards you and your mom, it just makes me know I am on the side of truth and goodness. I used to be from that liberal side, but the hatred and intolernace from the people who pretend to be loving and tolerant was too much for me. I saw the light and follow it now. You and your mom are of the light. Thank you for reminding me why I cannot be a part of the hatred and intolerance and insanity from the Left.

    • Same here Ray

    • Jellybean

      poor ray.

      P.S. I never have to be reminded that I’m thankful that I am not part of the hateful, intolerant, bigoted, homophobic, racist right.

      • Piscean Gal

        This blog needs a “like” “love” or “awesome” link for posts 🙂 LOVE your posts, Jellybean! LOVE IT how the supporters get irritated over the “judgements” people write, yet they turn around and JUDGE the post and poster, LOL…they will never learn to read WHAT is written with an open mind….

        • Jellybean

          Love yours to Piscean Gal! You know, I didn’t care for George Bush’s policies, but I like him and his family. Laura and his twin daughters are nice people who got an education and become real contributing members to society. Laura gets her points across without denigrating groups of people. She is gracious and non-judgemental. The girls slipped quitely into private life and have become successful in their own right. Chelsea Clinton, the same. And I imagine President Obama’s girls will go on to be successful women who will try to better the country in someway. All of these women do things to bring people together, not polarize it and pit the right against the left.

          The palin clan are hell bent on being dividers. Shame on them.

          • Jellybean

            One more thing. Do you think you would ever hear Laura Bush trash Michelle Obama? Would the Bush girls write a blog and trash the sitting President or his children? Never. Have you ever heard Chelsea Clinton trashing the palins? Never.

            That’s because people like Laura Bush, her girls and Chelsea Clinton take the high road. The palins take the low road and are in the gutter with the most divisive political commentators and right wing nuts. They get cozy with people like Ted Nugent, who has said the most disgusting, disturbing things about Hillary Clinton, and the Obamas. Once again, the low road, the gutter, the sewer.

          • Truth101

            Jellybean and Piscean, you are two aholes that belong together but incase you have not noticed you are a dying breed.

          • jellybean,
            They are hell bent just because they have a different opinion from you, which by the way
            is their right. Liberals like you think everyone should agree with you. You are very
            intolerant of others with a difference of opinion, which seem to be very immature don’t
            you think?

          • Jellybean

            millie, it must smell terrible in that shit filled sewer you are floating in.

  • lizzy

    All you Bristol fans do know this is a reality SHOW, just like all the other reality SHOWS..they make money, everyone on that show got paid!! they add drama or no one would watch…it’s NOT real people.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, Bristol, what happened with you and Gino?! You two always seem so happy and in love. It’s obvious you have a very passionate relationship. Which is probably why you and Gino are always “on and off”. But to kick Gino out of the car in another state in front of your son was beyond the pale. Tripp was arguing with you to keep him in the car, for God’s sake! He wouldn’t let go of Gino’s arm. He thinks of Gino as his dad. He calls him “daddy”. Did you really think it was better to abandon Gino at a gas station in Arizona rather than argue in front of Tripp?! If I were Willow, I would’ve gotten out of the car and stayed with Gino. There is no way you would’ve left Willow in that position. And then after all that, Gino calls you to ask you to meet up with him in Seattle. That he wants to drive you back to Alaska and what do you do – tell him “no” and accuse him of an ulterior motive. I only know what I see on television, but the camera doesn’t lie. Gino has a big heart, Bristol. He just wanted to make sure you got home safe. I don’t know what these trust issues you say you have with Gino are, but you’ve always said he’s a good guy. That he’s awesome for Tripp, he’s awesome for you. He loves you so much, Bristol. Why wouldn’t you let him take care of you? It broke my heart to see him cry over you and Tripp. It shows how much he loves the two of you. You’re his family, Bristol. He just wanted to be with his family. I know that you love Tripp with all your heart and soul, Bristol. He’s your son. The most important person in your life. And I know if a girl ever abandoned him in another state you would be livid. No matter if he was 21, 31, 41, etc. He will always be your baby boy. I don’t know what’s going to happen with you and Gino. It’s in God’s hands. But I truly believe that the two of you are meant to be together. (don’t listen to Willow!) You’re like Ross and Rachel. (on and off) Gino’s your lobster. Haha You just need to work out your issues in an adult manner. Oh my gosh, I wrote a book! Guess I had to get a few things off my chest. Haha But I still love you, Bristol. You’re an awesome girl. Just profoundly sad over this. But super excited about the finale next week! It’s been a joy to get to know you better through Life’s a Tripp.

  • kyeann

    hey bristol,
    i have come to realize that although we dont have the same opinions on things, we do have the same parenting issues and ideas about our kids being respectful, and goal oriented, and how we should be treated as women, mothers etc. I am married and have 2 little boys, my oldest is 4, and he is just like tripp, one minute a total angel and you are having such a good time, the next throwing a fit and saying naughty things.
    my youngest is 1 and he hasnt started any of that yet.
    when it comes to me and my husband, we are 22 almost 23, and we make mistakes, we sometimes argue infront of the kids, and say things that we should not, and leave to get away when it is getting to hurtful, this does not happen alot, but like your situation, when it happens, it is big and dramatic and it is never ending. But what we have realized is that if we fight infront of the kids, or my younger brothers, that worry just as much as your sister does, we make sure to apologize and make up with them. they saw the fued and the meaness, they need to see the forgiveness that they way we work it out at the same time. i hope that makes since.. and screw everyone that is saying stupid shit, she is not talking about her mom, her show is not about the political views of her mother, it is about her life, and raising a son, with or without help.. also doing a great job at it. you want to talk about her mom, go to a different blog.. and with what we have seen from the show, do you really think bristol cares what you have to say about her mother? if so, guess you have not been watching.

    good luck bristol, cant wait till next tuesday, i put the kidos to bed and turn on lifetime!

  • sodakhic

    Bristol is talking about investing at 21. That’s what drives the libs crazy. Most libs are still in their mothers basement having her do their laundry and make their beds.

    • tom stewart

      Are you crazy? “Living in their mothers basement”? Where does Bristol live? What kind of job does she have? What kind of education does she have? Do you really want to put her up as the Conservative ideal? Your planet is weird.

  • Brandy

    Bristol, I know that the show is edited and there was probably a lot we didn’t see as viewers pertaining to you and Gino’s fight. But I can honestly say I was shocked you left him on the curb. It broke my heart seeing him cry over you and Tripp. Honey you better wake up you have a good man that excepts you and all the media baggage that comes along with your family and he truly loves Tripp. I would gave my left arm to have someone to love me like that I mean to cry on national tv that takes a real man. I just hope you realize this before he walks out of your life for good.

    • It also takes a real man to handle his emotions better. A real man doesn’t curse like that at a woman, and she is going to have to be even more careful in her dating because she has a kid. I know this, because I am a single mom too. There are way better men out there, and it will take time, not jumping at the first one who seems to care. And he may care, but that doesn’t mean he’s right for her or has the maturity level and self-control for them to have a healthy relationship. My ex-husband would have cried too on national television, and you know what? He was abusive in every way, and never fathered his child. It’s alright for her to be careful.

  • Truth101

    Bristol, That pic of you driving the car is driving the libs nuts.

  • Joy

    hi bristol! i look forward to watching your show…i love anything PALIN! 😀

    from what i’ve seen from the end of the tube is that gino IS a decent guy. at first i didn’t like him but as we got to “know” him more from more aired episodes, he truly loves tripp AND you. i am 35 and a mother of 3 (ages 7, 2 1/2 and 3 mons) and i know for a fact that if a kid likes an adult, he truly likes him/her. i can see that in tripp, i see how he adores, loves gino and that tells A LOT about gino and his genuine love for tripp AND you. you have to cut him some slack. couples fight. fighting is healthy. but never let a day go by without resolving it. for a guy to want to talk and make things right says a lot as well. i felt soo bad for him when you left him there. that was heartless. yes, he may have upset you but does the punishment fit the “crime”? you could have maybe all kept silent so you all could simmer down, gather your thoughts etc. and so not make any rash decisions that can hurt. i just don’t want you to lose someone who can be THE one. for a guy to want to help drive such a far distance and be with there for tripp and you is something wonderful. it’s being a gentleman. after your blood has cooled down, talk to gino and tell him what was it he said that bothered you. don’t expect him to read your mind (i don’t know a guy who does!! )…speak up and tell how you wish he could have done this or that and hope that he understands.

    pls tell willow that i think she is an awesome sister!!! wish i have the kind of relationship with my sister that you and willow have! i think she is mature for her age and i know you think otherwise 😉 i think you’ll see that later…i like andy too and she was right when she got upset at andy for calling her the “b” word. i think andy loves her but in some ways he is still immature but he means well. oh and also tell her not ever to become a liberal!!! hahah! i remember her saying in one of the episodes that she can’t stand liberals and there are a lot of them in arizona and now she is hanging out with a lot of liberals..NOTHING wrong with that. hope her values, morals, faith are set in stone and no liberal can change that! 😀

    you guys look great always!

  • Holley

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, only the small video of the fight with you two at the table. I felt so bad when Gino was almost crying. You totally can tell this guy LOVES you! I can only imagine what your life is like, but I know that from my story, having a child out of wed lock and then getting married super fast because of it, didn’t make things easier. I mean, even if you didn’t have Tripp and you and Gino were dating, you still will have fights, you still will get disappointed in each other. You still with disagree on things. That’s just what happens when NO one can be perfect here on Earth. I pray that you will follow God’s will. He has the right person for you, whether it’s Gino or someone else. Like I said I didn’t see the episode, but just don’t forget, that no matter who you date or marry, there will be tough situations, especially when children are in the picture. I’m sure you know that though. 🙂 I love your show. And I hope God blesses all you do <3

  • Joseppi


    It would probably be a good idea to gain a small amount of weight back. The indentation on the side of your face from the plastic surgery on your chin is more prominent when you are too skinny.

    • Allison

      I disagree. The lipo under her chin was more prominent when she was heavier. The sculpted chin stood out more on the fat neck. Though she does look more Witchipoo now that she is thinner.

  • M_Minnesota

    God bless you and your family! May he give you wisdom and peace and strenth! There is a Sermon series by Andy Stanley entitiled “It’s your move”. It deals with making decisions in life. God is using it to bring things to my attention in my life. Stanley uses a concrete example in the Prophet Jerimiah’s life. If you would like to see a section of part one. Here it is.

  • My kids’ mom

    Watched it tonight. Obviously there was A LOT edited out of what happened with you and Gino. As such, not sure who wants his name associated with your name more, Levi or Gino. Time will tell. Both have shown their colors. Maybe time to move on?

  • Erica

    please, please, please, for the sake of Tripp’s LIFE install his car seat correctly! And buckle him in the right way too. If he can get his arms out of his straps like he did they are way too loose and the buckle is too low. The straps need to be tight enough that you can’t pinch them and the buckle should be at his arm pit level. Find a CPST if you need help installing his seat. As a young, single, teen mom you should bring awareness to things that pertain to parenting and your child. Car seat safety is one of them. If you guys were to have gotten in an accident Tripp’s seat would not have kept him safe at all, chances are he would have flown out of it. Do some research, please!

    Here are some good resources:



    • Mendy

      I agree with the carseat I noticed it on this weeks episode. As a mom of 4 ranging from 25-8 carseats have came a long way. And finding a CPST is a great help I needed it for my 3rd child as there were 10 years difference in number 2 & 3 so dont be afraid to ask for help. Better safe than sorry…….

      as for you and Gino, pray about it HARD and do HIS will, not anybody else’s. However, as one blogger said, children are great judges of characters and from what we see on Life’s a Tripp, Tripp adores Gino. Take care girl and God bless all the Palin’s.

  • Joseppi

    Here is the difference Brsitol.

    Liberals don’t want to take anything from you, or make you do anything you don’t want to. You don’t have to have gay friends, you don’t have to marry a woman, you don’t have to look at gay people. Gay marriage doesn’t affect your life at all. The same rights for all is what liberals want.

    You on the other hand want to make sure and work towards making sure that not all people can have what you have. That their children can’t have what your children have. YOU want to affect their lives with YOUR beliefs.

    Leave people alone… live your life for yourself and stop hurting others just to make you feel better about your own choices. Let everyone have their choice! Your choice is not the only choice and should not be forced upon anyone.

    You are hurting people and families! Live your life and let them live their’s without your interference.

    I don’t care if you want to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, go for it and live your life that way. Not everyone believes that so let them live their lives the way they want.

    I used to believe what you do, but I no longer do because I know it doesn’t affect me or my marriage in any way. And I’ve seen the hurt you cause to many times to ever want to be a part of it.

    When christians made a concerted and organized effort to vote Adam Lambert down on American Idol for the simple fact that he was gay I was sickened. They weren’t voting for a better singer, their intent was to hurt his career, just because he was gay. These efforts hurt people and frankly it’s not godly or right to hurt people. Your behavior is not a virtue but a sin, and I can guarantee you that God sees it that way too.

    • Mendy

      Ok I’m sorry, I am a white mostly conservative Christian woman, and what I just read is such hog wash……You say Liberals dont want to impart their views onto conservatives that is furthest from the truth. We are supposed to be tolerant of all immoralities and be ok with it and for the most part we are, however, put that shoe on the other foot. I as a Christian dont believe in gay relationships especially marriages however if I want to put my point of view out there I am bashed as being intolerant. How about you liberals try tolerating the fact that we conservatives have our views that are different from yours. Lets just all agree to disagree. You believe in and live in your way of life, and I will believe in and live in mine. Dont judge me, I dont judge you, I just get lumped in with those that do and they are entitled by their opinions as well

      • Allison

        If my way of life involves marrying a woman, can I choose to live my life that way, or will you and others like you stand in my way?

  • Gina

    Bristol… I love you and your family. I passionately supported and voted for your mom. I watched her show and I watch yours faithfully. I voted for you on DWTS. I was also a young single mom. I had my baby at 19 AND he was born with Down Syndrome. So, I can relate a lot. I know it’s hard to be a young single mom and I made a lot of mistakes. I never had the world watching me.
    You are a nice girl, Bristol… but I also could not believe you left Gino on the side of the road and it broke my heart to see Tripp begging. See you aren’t just bringing yourself into this relationship, Tripp is in it too and he has a separate relationship with Gino. Relationship aside… that is just not how you treat someone. Is that was Jesus would do? The world is watching you, and you are the only bible some people will ever read. You need to set higher standards for your behavior. Be the boss of your feelings and don’t react emotionally. I have tolerated long car rides keeping my mouth shut for the sake of the kids many times. Sometimes it’s not all about you.
    I was hoping to read this post and see that you felt bad, realized your mistake and no matter what your relationship status with Gino is like, that you know YOU could have acted better.
    After all, you can only control you. I don’t really think being disappointed in having your expectations left unmet, or knowing that the Lifetime crew would rescue him are good excuses at all for making that choice.
    I know you are not perfect, or Jesus, and I am not watching you expecting you to be that… but please… if you are going to put your life on TV, show behavior that inspires people. You are better than this, I know you are.

  • Georgette

    I usually do not comment but I giggle so hard I pee reading these comments… Has to be a little entertaining to you Bristol…. all those haters that can’t even spell. Your defenders all mad and flustered at the haters and then all the bickering back and forth “who’s right and who’s wrong” better than television. I’m sure being in the public eye it’s hard to keep your cool when you’re constantly attacked, but just think of it as free entertainment for yourself and continue following your heart and what God would have you do. Haters will always hate and supporters will always support. Just laugh it off and continue the journey.

  • Bristol,
    My heart sank after watching that episode. I just came off a strike contingency assignment with my employer, so I did not even watch the last two until last night. It hit home, because a few months ago, my wife and I had a an argument in the car. We were only a few blocks from home. I booted myself from the car and she drove home. But even in booting myself, I felt horrible. I have been married over 15 years and never did a thing like that – and I’ll never do it again. Never. It was wrong. Period.
    Looking back on your Episode 10, I agree with you 100% on not having Gino invest in property with you in any capacity right now. I stand by my Sub-Chapter S advice, but I think you should do it alone as the sole investor.
    Right now – one thing to consider – is that you are the primary bread-winner and unless you take up with a man who is of equal financial means to you, it’s going to be that way with just about any man of “average” income. It’s not clear to me from watching any of the shows what Gino does for a living, but it is crystal clear that the income disparity between you and him is great. You out-earn him by 10:1 – maybe more. That’s a huge difference and it can be awkward for both of you. Every couple alive must have some agreement as to what each partner is expected to contribute both in sweat equity and financially.
    You have a fantastic career now as a celebrity in your own right; as an entertainer; and as a potential real estate businesswoman. Gino has been good to you and Tripp. I think he genuinely loves you. But, what is his future? As you said in your show, you will not – and should not – be a sugar mama to him. Whether it’s skilled labor like your dad did up on the Slope, or going to school and taking up a profession (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.), it appears to me that Gino needs to build his future in some fashion so he can be a true co-contributor to the relationship.
    The 12th episode is also the first time we heard about your trust issues with Gino, but I’m not sure what it is he has done to breach your trust….I guess that’s for future shows?

  • Fran

    I started watching this because I thought you were a nice young lady trying to tell your story. Both you and Willow have a lot of growing up to do. How you treat your men is embarrassing. Both Andy and Gino seem very nice and deserve to be treated better. Andy is better off without Willow belittling him – talking down to him. I hope you learn something about yourself from watching back the episodes – you claim faith – are you spending thine in the Word, listening to God’s voice,? Really, I am disappointed.

  • Nat reagh

    Love is up and down even when ur married . It’s just if you’re willing to overlook those flaws, in other words are they worth it. Then u need boundaries (emotionally,) what is not okay to do or say. U may not want to take trips together like a family , until ur engage. If ur engaged u know that this lifestyle with that person is in ur future. You are guarding ur heart and emotions in this way. I know u love ur sister but I think she’s not the one to get this type of relationship advice from. I know personally, I would look for Godly moms that can give guidance with experience . If Gino is ready he’ll take that next step of commitment , until then a good friend with boundaries is okay. , without boundaries its like playing house. Boundaries save u and ur son from an emotionally roller coaster.My son is 4 and I see similarities in our lives . I’m just trying to save u from a lot of heart break. Plus pray for ur future spouse and family. I’m glad I did;) thanks

  • Terri

    I think you made the right decision with the exception of leaving him on the side of the road. Good for you for not putting everything out here on the Internet. May God bless you and heal your broken heart

  • Ella

    You did what you thought was right at the time, not everyone may agree, leaving friends stranded is not always the only option, but i am sure you will figure that one out yourself, since you seem to be a smart young woman.
    I have nevertheless noticed your sister’s comments about Gino seem to influence how you two, Gino and you, get along, i don’t think you can see it being in the relationship, but it is more obvious to an outsider. I agree 150% that family is important and the foundation from where we grow and become in our lives, but the opinion of a sister, who is 17 y.o. and still so green in life experiences should be one you take with a grain of salt. Nobody, except for you and Gino, know your relationship better, so don’t let anyone influence you, you might regret your actions and decision, and even resent your sister, and regret is something you should live your life without. Regret is the past Ghost that will haunt your feature, trust me on that one. My mother just passed 3 weeks ago, suddenly, unexpectedly, was dead for 3 days before she was found, no times for goodbyes, i love yous, hugs, kisses, and most importantly, no times for “i am sorry” so much said, done, so much unsead, not done. I cry daily, worse this week that it was her birthday….but i know that is not what she would want so i write to share with you, live each day as if it is your last, tomorrow is promised to no one, no regrets……in the scheme of things, what is going to matter to you…..you are smart, beautiful, young woman, you have a great life and support group, stop, think, regroup, and if you forgive someone, don’t bring it back up…after all….can you cast the first stone?

  • Pete

    Bristol, during the custody battle over you son you were concerned that Levi, “wants the rights for his own self-promotion.” But you used Tripp for YOUR own self promotion for this new reality series, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. His name appears directly in the title of a show which promotes your life, the life of a young struggling single mother with the financial freedom to jet set around the country and make celebrity appearances. The only thing you really seem to struggle with is parenting, so you simply don’t do it at all. You complain about parenting a lot, but you never make the effort to improve your parenting skills. I feel really bad for your son, you used him to star in your own reality show and it’s having a negative impact on his development. Anyone who would subject their child to the glare of the spotlight at such a young age is simply not fit to be a parent. Since Tripp is desperate for a daddy, Levi should get full custody of Tripp and Bristol should pay child support. And if that doesn’t work out now that gay marriage is legal in several states, Tripp could be adopted by a nice gay couple instead. At least he would have two loving parents rather than someone who cares more about being a reality star than they care about their child.

  • RJB

    I just finished watching the latest episode. My heart goes out to you. It is so difficult being a single mom, much less one in the limelight. Obviously, the cameras don’t show everything, therefore you need to go with your beliefs and your heart. You need to stand up for yourself and your baby! A man should not only respect your child and love your child, but love you and treat you like a princess. He should be willing to apologize when he is wrong. He should also be willing to apologize when you feel wronged and he doesn’t think he has done anything. What matters is how you feel. On the other hand, you should be willing to do the same.

    You were right by saying you didn’t need him to jump in and be your Prince Charming. What you needed was for him to be willing to work it out, emotions, feelings, and all. Love is not easy. Love is not perfect. Being in love takes a lot of determination, hard work, and Christ in order to work. Christ should be the head of your relationship. You should pray together, worship together, and love together. “Marriage takes three,” man, woman, and most of all, Christ!

    I commend you for your strong beliefs and for standing up for what you believe. I have actually learned a little about life through you and I am 45 years old. Keep your head up! Take care of you and Tripp! And, by the way, your mom rocks! I was blessed to meet her at a book signing in Little Rock. She was so down to earth and cute. Your family is an inspiration! 😉

  • mlynn

    Hi Bristol,
    I like your show and enjoy watching it especially your little man Tripp. He is so mature for a 3 year old. Raising kid(s) is a tough job but i give you credit for trying your very best to be a good mom to Tripp. Don’t feel so bad if you have to discipline him, have you heard of the phrase “tough love?”. Be consistent and firm. Kids are smart, they knows how to get to the best of us. Just rely on God for guidance and wisdom. Being a parent (let alone single parent) is a huge responsibility. There are no perfect parents like there are no perfect person in this world. Keep up the good job and God bless you.

  • Ann Pinger

    Bristol I’m sure they had miles of footage to choose from; as usual (thus far) LIFETIME has again put what appears to be your worst side forward. Arguing with your boyfriend is personal and not for public display. I hate to say it but I felt so bad for Gino, he’s not been treated well, in front of all of us. Ditto for Andy. I really wish they’d focused more on positive things, or the specific issues of raising a child on your own… minus the drama of arguments ESPECIALLY IN FRONT OF TRIPP! You can’t find a nice yung man in Wasilla with big bucks, and therefore you will probably always feel like a “sugar mamma” to any of them… so learn to trust he’s not just after that, or move on… because this limbo is so unfair to both Gino AND Tripp. Don’t misunderstand me… I am a Bristol supporter for sure… I just hope you don’t give the haters more to talk **** about, and I really do hope and pray you find happiness with the right man.

    • Kelli

      I agree with Ann…we never know what happens behind closed doors but the editing actually brought me to tears for both Andy and Gino. I think the biggest misconception young women have before they go into marriage is that they don’t “need” a man. God made men with egos, they are geared to help us and take care of us. Part of being a woman is being aware of this and orking not to take away what God gave them. Tripp truly thinks of him as his Dad and you let him be in that position so now you need to fix it (because I truly think most relationships can be fixed if BOTH people work at them). But go to a counselor now, learn to communicate, too often we think we have to do it on our own and make our own mistakes instead of getting help from those who have already made the mistakes… Praying that you truly seek God’s wisdom…

  • HW521

    I think you and your sister are snotty little brats! It is sad to hear you repeatedly say that you have so much life experience… leaving in an apartment next to your parents home isn’t much of life experience. You both treat men like crap and belittle those around you. You girls need a wake up call!

  • T

    What we want isn’t always what we get. In life God will give us only as much as we can handle and put in our path what we need to learn.

  • Lk

    Hey Bristol! I DVR all your episodes & I love watching your show. I’m sorry that a lot of people say ugly things about you, but just keep your head up & don’t let them get you down. You are a very strong woman & a really great mother. Tripp will appreciate everything you do for him. I’ve learned how you treat a child when they’re young will stick with them forever, because that’s true for me. I don’t agree with you dropping Gino off, but you are right he had the cameramen to watch over him so he wasn’t in any danger anyways. Plus a lot more goes on that what we see. Don’t settle, find a man that loves & respects you & Tripp. But Gino really loves Tripp & Tripp loves him. But you are a great mother 🙂 I admire you. . I hope you get a chance to read this email. I hope you have a really great day & stay strong!

    In Christ Name,

  • Isabel Barganier

    Hi Bristol!! I’m Isabel and I’m 13. I am absolutely obsessed with your show , I love it SO SO SO MUCH!! 🙂 it’s definitely my favorite show ever!!! I get extremely (maybe a little too) excited for your show every week, it’s AWESOME!!!!!! 😉 im sorry you probably think im really weird! I think you are beautiful and you are truly an amazing person! Tripp is so cute by the way! Also, everybody has bad days and you have no reason to be judged! Anyways I love you and you’re show! Thanks so much for everything you do!! 😀 -Isabel

  • Kayla

    I just want to say that I absolutely love love love the show! And I love your family! I like that you stick up for what is right and for what you believe in and don’t let anyone change your mind. I really like seeing how you put your trust in God and are teaching your son about prayer and faith. You are so inspirational and I just want to say thank you! I hope some day I have a family like yours!

  • I reaallly hope that Gino is a horrible guy, bc all we really see of him is someone who really wants to be in your life. I don’t know you at all nor will I claim to but I have read your book, and currently watch your show on Lifetime. My heart really breaks for you. I feel like you are letting a life *wait not life, but the idea of a perfect ideal life* w Levi get in the way of something that could be good with someone like Gino. I don’t know him either but the way you treat him on tv as is shows you are really hard on him and you push and push him. If he isn’t a horrible guy, *not all guys are perfect, neither are us women* you should really give him a chance and seriously allow him in your heart. I feel like since you were burned so HARD by such a rat so young you will always be jaded. I pray that isn’t the case. Like I said I do not know you or will I pretend to know the whole story. I am only looking in from the little foggy window. I hope you find happiness and LOVE and most of all a good man with wholesome values to pass on to your son. I wish it was his bio father, but like so many million times and like a sad country song, not all boys can be men. I wish you luck and will watch you soon on DWTS!

  • bss

    Bristol, I’ve been a democrat all my life, and I think you are awesome–so mature and sensible for your age and a great role model for young girls. All the best to you.

  • Bristol,
    I was very disapointed to see that a woman, would stop the car and drop Gino off in the middle of Arizona. This also shows how much more you need to grow up. A mature adult wouldn’t have done that no matter if there were cameras there filming a show or not. Your decision to do that in front of Tripp also shows that your extremely immature. As a parent I can imagine leaving a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend because I can’t handle the situation. You should have found another way to deal with your situation that benefited all, not just yourself.

    Disappointed viewer.

  • LindaT

    Hi Bristol. Don’t listen to anybody who says negative things about you. You’re an amazing mom and person. Those people who say harsh things about you because of who your mother is are just jealous of you. Everyone has their own beliefs and they shouldn’t judge you based off of yours moms beliefs.They especially shouldn’t say negative things about you or to you in front of Tripp. People may say that you’re a bad mom but you aren’t. You do everything you can for Tripp and he’s lucky to have a mom like you. I love your show and reading your blog. Hope to see more. Stay strong!.

  • k m

    As I “hear” your thoughts, many Scripture passages come to life. When you stand for God, his enemy HATES it (and you) so will attack (which is what he is doing through people who don’t like what you speak, which is Truth). The enemy is called the prince of the air and could that be today’s media empires (not Lifetime though, hehe) and their liberal messages and arrows? That enemy is trying his best to hit you where (he thinks) it counts but keep choosing to take captive your thoughts and think on what is pure and excellent and praiseworthy (Psalmist tells us God exists in our praises of and to Him) and God will continue to be your tower of refuge and strength. Keep your eyes on Him and He will keep his eyes on everyone else. You are so blessed to have your family and it’s so encouraging for you to recognize that publicly! You are remarkable, in a wonderful way, and I love keeping tabs on you. May God watch over you!!

  • grnma

    BRISTAL, All I can say is this…and you know it well, we can do all things thru-Christ Jesus….you sahll sine as a child of the most Hi God…dont ever forget who your Heavenly father is..all those ugly things some say come from the pitts of hell. disregard it, and cover youself with prayer. God has a plan for you…dont let fame and fortune stand in the way of knowing…who you are..a beautiful child of the most High.you are beatiful dont let hollywood corrupt you,keep your values and all will be just fine..in JESUS NAME. satins children gossip about your mothing out of wedlock..but they dont dare mention murdering the unborn out of thier unwed situations…they hate that you did not hide a mistake however you have a beautiful child..to adore and love ..what a gift, GOD will provide for you.MR RIGHT IS COMING YOUR WAY..just wait on your savior..he will bring him along..Blessing to you..a hug.

  • Stephen Smith

    Don’t let your past keep you from meeting a new man… I’m sure there’s someone who can see the potential that you hold for the future. Your child is part of your life, let someone in to help you raise him.