The Truth Behind Tripp’s Hair

The Truth Behind Tripp’s Hair July 9, 2012

On reality television shows, it’s important to keep everyone’s hair in generally the same shape, from beginning to end.  That makes editing easier, if the producers aren’t worried that in scene one your hair is long and in scene two your hair is short.

Some of you have noticed that Tripp’s hair is sometimes different in the scenes. That’s because Willow — now that she’s in beauty school — loves to experiment with his beautiful golden locks.  Every time I turn around, she’s done something to it!

Okay, so I guess I like to switch it up too.  Check out this hair style I got Tripp a long time before I had a deal with Lifetime.

Wouldn’t they have died if I’d given him this cut before filming?

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  • Cheyenne

    So cute. That’s great you are supporting Willow with her career choice. Both you guys rock.

  • Erin Richardson

    LOVE it!!! 🙂 such a cutie pie! Best wishes to Willow in beauty school, she will do great! 🙂

  • Emma Lora

    What a little trooper to let you ladies practice on his hair. lol

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bristol, Bristol, Bristol, what have art ya done to this boy.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    I hope I can see the whole Palin Family at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Belleville MI. on July 14th. Now I must round up a few more people I know to be there to enjoy the day. (I mean the afternoon)

    • Sue Lynn

      I’m going ….coming from Saginaw Michigan…already got my tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue Lynn

    Soo cute. Tripp sure looks happy!!!

  • Charli Chad

    He’s such a doll! What a cutie.

  • Manny

    Just precious. He is such a cutie.

  • Just precious. He’s such a cutie.

  • Mandy

    I love his hair like this. He is such a cutie. Good luck to Willow in beauty school and keep up the good work.

  • Michael Mills

    That is too cute! 🙂

  • Justine Stewart

    I also went through cosmetology school and got my license. I cut my husband and sons hair which really saves money! So just consider it a savings lol. By the way Bristol, your hair is gorgeous!!

  • Jessica Huval

    Tripp would be cute even if Willow forgot to use the clipper guard! Rock on girls;)

  • louiseharas

    I don’t care about Tripp’s hair color. I am more concerned about the fact that he acts up all the time. It is a call for attention, and it is a sign that he is unhappy. Bristol admits that Tripp is a terror and that he acts up all the time. This is nothing new. She used to complain about how hard her life was with a crying baby on her hip all the time. Maybe we just saw a tired kid in the videos, but watching Bristol grab Tripp roughly by his arm, listening to her trashing Levi and everyone else in front of the kid has turned him into an unhappy boy. He is acting up to get attention. Maybe Bristol should teach him something besides sticking his tongue out at people.

    • Heather Laurin

      Maybe the reason that Tripp is unhappy is because he is old enough to recognize that other kids have a dad in their lives and he does not. It would be nice if Levi the loser got off of his deadbeat backside and started acting like a father to his child. I realize that Tripp needs discipline, but I never saw Bristol grabbing him roughly by his arm. I saw several temper tantrums and an overwhelmed young mom trying to figure out what type of discipline techniques will work for her kid. Of course if she did what many moms did, which is to give Tripp the occasional swat on the behind then the haters would be coming out of the woodwork saying Bristol abused her son. There is no right answer here unfortunately. Hopefully Bristol can find something that works so that Tripp starts to get the message that his actions are not the correct way to behave.

      As for the haircut-very cute!

      • louiseharas

        I have a friend who became a widow when her child was about the same age as Tripp. There was no insurance, no deadbeat dad, nothing, but a big empty hole in her heart. She also managed to hold a good job, participate in her son’s activities and her kid was well behaved. They talked things over and had a good relation. There are many single parents whose partner is in the military. Bristol is not a good role model for any of these people. She certainly does not know how to manage her own child, while my friend, the widow, or the military families seem to deal with life in a more mature way.

        By the way, you give yourself away when you refer to Tripp’s father as Levi the loser, and his deadbeat backside. What Bristol is doing is emotional abuse, exactly the same thing that Sarah and Todd were accused of doing to Trooper Wooten’s children. It must run in the family.

        • Heather Laurin

          I give myself away because of how I referred to Levi? Hmm. And what exactly did I give away other than the fact that I do not like the fact that this man is purposely keeping himself out of his own child’s life for no good reason ? Bristol is doing the best she can with Tripp, and being a mom myself I can tell you it is not easy much of the time, especially with 3 yr olds who are trying to exert their independence. I am one of those military moms who often is having to take on the role of both mom and dad because of deployments, so in many ways I can relate to what Bristol is dealing with. I would say to anyone that before criticizing Bristol for being a bad mom, try walking a mile in her shoes first. Dealing with an absentee baby daddy, trying to establish some sort of career, and all the while being a member of the most polarizing family in this country cannot be easy for someone so young. Yet she has handled everything with a strength and determination that few have. That is what role models are made of IMO.

          • Heather Laurin

            Oh and as for Trooper Wooten-the abuse was PHYSICAL, not just emotional. He tasered his 10 yr old son as a form of discipline. So no, the Palin family is nothing like him.

        • Emma Lora

          Louise, my 6 & 7 yr old happy grandkids acted that way at times at that age and are now older and have grown out of it. My 2 yr old grandson son in going into the phase. Tripp is happy, giggly and having fun most of the time. You are noticing the usual 3 yrs old behavior and ready to be self righteous and judgemental because you are anti Palin. how many kids did you raise? Do you have a degree in child development? How is it that you “know so much”. Trip is adorable & a happy boy … you however are a complainer and do not sounds like a happy person.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      Imagine that. He acts just like a three year-old, a typical three year-old.

    • Frederick Lang

      How differently is this from the normal activity for kids and mom’s? Have you been assigned as the mother/son monitor in these matters? Lighten up, he’s going through the terrible two’s and that happens to most children his age. Bristol needs to be firm and if grabbing his arm a little too tight and showing him some authority that his behavior is not acceptable, then doing nothing will destroy that little guys life and sense of security.

  • Stephanie

    Tripp is so adorable! Not very many people can pull off this hair style, but he does perfectly!

    • nichole

      Right?!! What three year old doesnt act up…it’s called ‘terrifying threes’ for a reason.

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    All these libs worrying about Tripp being a little angel and BO can sit with the ‘bird’ on his face, not salute when national anthem is sung, has his heart on his right side, what a poor example of a POTUS.

  • Joanne Mayo

    Tripp is awesome in any style!

  • Stephanie

    Being a single mother of a toddler IS a handful! I have three son’s and a husband who is in the military and deploys every other year. (So it’s like I am a single mom most of the time). It’s hard and raising kids is hard. Disciplining a child (especially a three year old) is trial and error. No one way is perfect. Being a first time mom makes it even more difficult. (for most of us it is forgien territory) For those people who can sit there and complain and “dog” Bristol for how she is trying to deal with Tripp are wrong. She knows that there is a problem and that she needs to get a handle on things. It’s not like she is dumping the problem on anyone else SHE is working on it and dealing with it the best way that she can. She needs to keep truckin’ to find what works and stick to her guns when she figures it out. Being in the spotlight, having a famous mother, going through problems with the “donor”, and being critized by the public would make it evven more difficult to raise a child. It is almost a no win situation. She’d be a bad mother if she let Tripp behave poorly, and a bad mother if she is too strict. Bristol do what you feel is right, do not let anyone tell you or make you feel like you are a bad mother. If I had unwanted camera’s in my face and my families faces I’d have them stick thier tounges out too, it makes light of the situation and makes it a bit more bearable…..Be the mama Grizzly you know you are, and don’t let anyone or anything bring you down.

    • Allison

      Being in the spotlight…unwanted cameras…did they force her to have a reality show and name it after her son???

      • Emma Lora

        No of course not.. she accepted the challenge and doing it on her terms…. and doing quite well. What she did not choose is snarky, ugly minded people who could just watch another show instead watching hers just so they can feel superior… yet I wonder what have you done with your life Alison that is so above reproach. You sound so jealous.

    • Emma Lora

      Stephanie, I appreciate your family’s sacrifice for the country. You sound level headed and are/will do a great job. The complainers/ trashers…..well that is about all they can do. They are jealous of the Palins and it is what we expect from them.

  • AnneMajella

    To all those concerned about Tripps behavior,get over youselves and get around some two and three year olds.His behavior is typical of a toddler.I think he is adorable.Tripp is just trying to see what he can and cannot get away with.It is normal.He seems like a very happy little guy to me!

  • So cute !

  • Heather

    He’s so totally ADORABLE!

  • Michael

    I don’t know how the show’s producers would’ve reacted, but can you imagine the snarky comments you’d have gotten?? Oh, . . . . . . . . . . . . I guess you can at that!!

  • Rosali Elzig

    It seems that he loved it,look his smile!!

  • Frederick Lang

    Ah folks…it’ll grow back, nothing to worry about. In the meantime, there will be the nay sayers that think this will bring about the end of life as well know it! *sigh*

    Such a cute kids, no matter what hair style he has Bristol.

  • I guess I best keep my opinion to myself. My grandmother always told me “if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.

    • WanRey

      GOOD IDEA!!!

  • Lynn


  • Bruce O’H.

    I like it!! 🙂

  • CJ

    LOL, This is hysterical!! How ADORABLE is this child? Whoever took this photo and captured Tripp’s expression in the mirror is brilliant!!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Too, too cute!

  • My sister had a friend who was studying to be a beautician … I even let her give me a perm once … my best friend used to call my sister “Autumn” because every time he saw her she had a different hair color … FYA

  • Thomas Hubbard

    It looks I’ll have to have a little talk with Tripp, on Rights to choice of Hair cuts Freedom Act.

  • TLemmbert

    Hair dye is dangerous. What mom in her right mind would let her sister use CHEMICALS on the head of a child that age?

    His hair is different colors simply because he aged during the whole two years that the show was shot. Why not just admit that?

    The Bible says that lying is wrong. Why do you continually lie?

    • section9

      Is there an interstate cloverleaf you can go play in with your Trig Truther friends?

  • Georgia

    Willow is having fun with her nephew Tripp and Bristol is too. However, Tripp is in charge! When Willow asked him if he wanted her to cut his hair again, he said, “NO!” There ’tis! Tripp will decide. He is so doggone cute!

  • bellagrazi

    Finally, the “Mohawk” picture! I remember this photo from your book, Bristol. Super cute! I love Tripp’s beautiful golden locks, but I prefer his hair closely cropped. He looks like the big boy that he is. Good job, Willow!

  • Shara

    He’s so cute