Honoring Teachers (Specifically Mr. Howell from 9th and 10th Grade!)

Honoring Teachers (Specifically Mr. Howell from 9th and 10th Grade!) August 9, 2012

Some people have taken my appreciation of hard working business builders to mean that I don’t appreciate people like teachers and other government employees. This is not the case! Teachers are some of the most valuable people in our country. In fact, I just learned of a fun way to thank them.

Walden Media is giving a different teacher a $500 dollar gift card every day from July 24th to September 20th!  All you have to do is go to their Teachers Rock Facebook page and submit your own nomination.  (Walden wants you to tweet your favorite teacher’s name with the hashtag #TeachersRock.  I’m going to go this after I post this blog!  If any of you do that, please tag @BristolsBlog so I can see them too!  Apparently, Walden arranged that these tweets will show up on a bill board in Times Square! Plus, CBS is having a huge concert with Carrie Underwood, Josh Groban, and Garth Brooks next Friday night.  Apparently, they will post the best tweets to a screen while Josh is singing!)

I’ll go first.  I had many good teachers.  One of my favorites was my high school freshman/sophomore English teacher, Mr. Howell. He taught us to read between the lines of books and to really get the true meaning. He also nurtured us creatively by encouraging us to even paint pictures in our writing.  (I hope he’s proud enough of me for my New York Times best selling book “Not Afraid of Life” to overlook the fact that I had no paintings in there!)

Thank you, Mr. Howell, for teaching and inspiring so many students.

Who’s next?  Tweet the name of your favorite teacher (and why if you can squeeze it in there!) with the hashtag #TeachersRock!

As back-to-school approaches, what better way to spend your 140 Twitter characters?

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  • Timbit

    YeeHaa, Nancy!!!

    • sodakhic

      Didn’t realize George Soros followed Bristol’s blog.

  • Gilly

    Wow. Even while thanking a teacher you have to plug something your selling. No shame. None at all.

    • sodakhic

      Don’t you just love capitalism.

    • amy

      You should mind your business, it doesn’t have anything to do with you so get a life and stay out of it!

  • bellagrazi

    Bristol, of course you appreciate teachers, you come from a family of teachers. How I wish I had your grandfather as a teacher! He is one interesting character. But I did have a few I remember fondly. Just can’t think of any of their names. Haha But I do remember their faces and how they gave their students 110%. Thank you for this post, Bristol. Good teachers should always be remembered.

    • Pam

      Yes, Like you supported that teacher that had the audacity to hang a sign up in Homer that didn’t support your mom.

  • Bree Merr

    Several great teachers who encouraged the love of reading. Still a passion today!!

  • Holley

    Sadly my favorite teacher passed away two years after I left her class. I will never forger her. Thanking God for all the teachers out there <3

  • MiddleRoader

    Yay! Something I think most of us can agree on! Seems like mostly the horrible and outrageous teachers make the news. But I guess that’s true of most things.

  • Gregory Russo


    I love all my teachers in High school as well as well in college.

    Please consider enrolling into community or online college education for yourself as with your son.