More footage of the Red Sea “parting” — and un-parting — in three new Exodus: Gods and Kings TV spots

More footage of the Red Sea “parting” — and un-parting — in three new Exodus: Gods and Kings TV spots November 10, 2014

exodus-tvspot5-05The powers that be behind Exodus: Gods and Kings are promising to release a new trailer today. In the meantime, they released three new TV spots yesterday, all of which feature bits of new footage.

Most of the new footage comes from the Red Sea sequence, but there are also new shots of Moses with his wife Zipporah, Moses leading the Hebrew rebels in shooting flaming arrows at the Egyptians, and more. Check it all out below the jump.

First, here is the ‘Out of My Control’ TV spot:

The most significant new footage here comes from the Red Sea sequence. One of my favorite shots is this one of the Hebrews reaching the far side and walking up off the drained seabed, while the tornadoes and the wave loom in the background:


Here’s a shot of Egyptians riding their chariots parallel to the giant wave:


And here’s a wide shot of Moses (on horseback) and Ramses (in a chariot) apparently having a showdown of some sort before the giant wave.


In addition, there is this shot of Ramses contemplating the sword his father gave him (a sword which, according to early reports, has Moses’ name inscribed on it):


We also get this new angle on the crocodiles attacking that boat…


…and this new shot of Moses’ face as he confronts Ramses in his stable:


Second, here is the ‘Follow Me’ TV spot:

Zipporah, seeing Moses’ swords, asks, “What are you going to do with all that?” Moses replies, “Make sure I see you again.”


Moses and Zipporah kiss, possibly from a different scene:


Moses himself is one of the Hebrew rebels who shoot the flaming arrows:


Moses or Ramses handles a ring of some sort on his thumb (and note the sword hilt):


We also get an alternate shot of the Hebrews walking up out of the Red Sea…


…and Moses looking at something during the opening Battle of Kadesh sequence:


Other new bits of dialogue — both of which overlap with lines we have heard before — include Moses telling Ramses, “You must set my people free,” and Moses telling the Hebrews, “You honoured me with your trust. Follow me. You will be free!”

Third, and finally, here is the ‘Remember This’ TV spot:

This shot of Moses saying, “I don’t think so,” is juxtaposed, somewhat comically, with Ramses yelling that he is a god — but the shots clearly come from different scenes:


Here is a new shot of Ramses as he says, “Moses, you say that you didn’t cause all this, your God did. … Let’s see who’s more effective at killing. You, your God, or me”:


Here is another new-ish shot of Ramses as Moses says, “Remember this, for eternity”:


This TV spot also gives us four new shots from the Red Sea sequence, including a shot of the tsunami’s giant wave falling and making contact with the Egyptian chariots:





I daresay that last shot almost gives us too much. I’m hoping they’ll save the really good footage of the Red Sea tsunami for the actual theatrical experience.

Check out earlier videos and my shot-by-shot trailer analyses here:

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