Watch: Three new TV spots for Risen

Watch: Three new TV spots for Risen February 16, 2016


Three days until showtime. Three new (or at least new-ish) TV spots for Risen.

First, a 15-second spot called ‘The Truth’:

Next, a 15-second spot called ‘Triumph Review’:

And finally, ‘Triumph Review Pedigree’, which is basically a slightly altered version of the 30-second ‘Triumph Review’ spot that went online last week:

Notably, all three of these spots cite the opinions of “critics”, though there aren’t that many reviews out there yet; Rotten Tomatoes has only two — both of which are, indeed, fresh. One suspects that these “critic” soundbites are just off-the-cuff remarks made by journalists (not all of them critics) at junkets or similar screenings.

Check out earlier Risen trailers and other videos here:

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