Watch: Mary lights the Sabbath candles in a deleted scene from The Young Messiah

Watch: Mary lights the Sabbath candles in a deleted scene from The Young Messiah June 14, 2016


The Young Messiah came out on DVD and Blu-Ray today, and I was planning to write a review of the bonus features — but the review copy that arrived at my place today was the Canadian edition of the disc, and it has no bonus features whatsoever. So it looks like I’ll just have to order the American disc and wait until that arrives.

In the meantime, Brian Godawa has posted one of the deleted scenes that come with the American Blu-Ray. It shows Mary lighting candles for the Sabbath:

Interestingly, the last frames in that clip indicate that that scene might have originally been followed by this other scene that went online a few months ago:

As per my comment above, I will review the deleted scenes and other bonus features once I have a copy of the American Blu-Ray. In the meantime, you can read my review of the film, my interview with director Cyrus Nowrasteh, and my detailed scene guide listing all of the film’s scriptural and apocryphal sources, among other things.

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here:

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