Watch: The visual effects of the Ben-Hur chariot race

Watch: The visual effects of the Ben-Hur chariot race September 5, 2016


If there’s one thing the cast and crew of Ben-Hur wanted us to know, it’s that the actors were really driving those chariots that we see in the climactic chariot race. But of course, the scene was not without its visual effects: there’s no need for matte paintings and a cast of thousands when you can digitally add a crowd full of spectators to the background of some shots, and of course it’s a lot safer to go digital when the script calls for the humans or the horses to do anything particularly dangerous.

So if you’re wondering how much of the chariot race was “real” and how much of it was computer-generated, a new visual-effects reel posted by Mr. X, one of the companies that worked on the film, gives us a look at how some shots looked before and after the digital effects were added. You can check it out below:

Ben-Hur, incidentally, is still rolling out overseas. According to the IMDb, the film comes to France and to the British Isles on Wednesday, to Russia on Thursday, and to Turkey on Friday, and it will spread to Italy and South Korea later this month.

Check out earlier trailers and other videos here:

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