Ted Nugent Is Now An Ordained Minister

Ted Nugent Is Now An Ordained Minister April 24, 2021

Ted Nugent, the man who defecated and urinated in his own pants to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War is now a minister of the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (New IFB) church. The church is known for its belief that homosexuals should be executed, its adherence to the King James Bible, and Christians and not Jews are God’s chosen people.

Ted Nugent, Holy Man

Professor Andrew Canard specializes in the psychology of the religious. He teaches at Miskatonic University and authored Mental Illness and Faith: A Public Health Disaster and The Sinner’s March To God And Psychosis. He is not surprised that Ted Nugent, the man who became the legal guardian of then 17-year-old Pele Massa so that they could have a romantic relationship, eventually found his way to God.

There is a pyschological drive for redemption after committing a laundry list of sin. The history of Christianity is full of such figures. For example, Saint Augustine wrote in his Confessions ‘Lord save me but not just yet.’  What is fascinating is that by choosing a religious life the person actually becomes more mentally ill. It’s as if the once-sinner must trade in their grasp of reality to control their urges.

Ted Nuget is such a figure. By any metric he’s led a life of sin. He’s currently 72. What’s remarkable is that he hasn’t turned to faith before now. What isn’t remarkable is that he chose a denomination that is 100% crackers.

The NRA Supports Religious Liberty

Ted Nugent is a proud supporter of the NRA and school shootings. He sits on the organization’s board of directors. The NRA released a statement officially supporting Mr. Nugent’s newfound religiosity. Many in the NRA are secretly happy he’s found God. Some anonymously confessed they prayed for him to become a man of God so that he could spread the good news of AR-15 Jesus.

In related news, conservatives celebrate the Taliban’s victory over US forces.

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