Fat Shaming Women and Educated Homeschooling Mothers

Fat Shaming Women and Educated Homeschooling Mothers February 28, 2018

The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander has been on a role this week. She’s been fat shaming women and claiming that you do not need educated homeschooling mothers to turn out a very educated homeschooled populace. Today’s post I’m not even posting here as it was her taking something by Nancy Campbell about how a stay at home mother prevents all ills with the children.

Initially we’re planned on posting about the withdrawal of the lawsuit against Bill Gothard by ex ATI adults, but the information coming out is confusing at best. Here are Gothard’s statement, the plaintiffs statement and another site’s take on what happened. Eventually we’ll address this, but for now it is hard to determine what happened here beyond the dropping of the suit.

Back to Lori. First up some primo fat shaming from a lady that seems so obsessional about food she very likely has psychiatric issues with it. From her blog post titled ‘She’ll Get Fat and He’ll Have a New Boss’ 

There’s a fair amount of word salad-y confusion going on, but Lori’s point is that if you are a good submissive wife you will not gain an ounce once you marry. Nor will you cut your hair. It’s all about looking like the perfect fantasy woman for your man.

Not one word for the opposite sex. I guess in Lori’s world a man gaining a huge beer belly, stopping hygiene practices and going bald is okay because he’s a man-God. This is all in answer to an ancient comment necroed up from an ancient post on Lori’s old blog where some man bloviates about fat short haired wives blowing their husband’s dough before filing for divorce, or the man filing because she’s gotten fat.

Here’s Lori’s answer:

Interesting that Lori insists you eat very expensive foods to stay slim, and do something that costs money like Weight Watchers. Even simply joining a gym or swimming at the Y takes money. Lori sets up women having a problem by insisting they do something expensive to solve it while insisting they do not spent money. You just cannot win in her world.

That long hair thing! LMAO!!  I know lots of men that do not prefer long hair. My own husband likes my hair better when it is short. This hair length only seems to be a real problem in the depths of these high demand religious groups. Lori’s own photos show her with hair just shoulder length, not long. Feminism is not the motivating factor for cutting off your hair, it’s practical.

Moving on  to yesterday’s post –  Are Homeschooling Mothers Arrogant and Not Intelligent?

One of Lori’s commenters expresses an opinion that many of the religious homeschooling mothers she knows aren’t very educated or smart, filled with misspellings and grammar mistakes while being incredibly arrogant about their homeschooling abilities.

Sounds very much to me like many of the homeschooling mothers from my old community and when I taught art classes in the local homeschooling cooperative. When did having an education become such an undesirable attribute among homeschooling. It seems to me to be common sense that if you were going to homeschool your children you yourself would seek to elevate your own knowledge at the same time. If I had decided to homeschool, and there was tremendous pressure to do so, I would have had to brush up on some subjects to feel comfortable teaching. Apparently that’s some sort of sin in Lori’s vision of homeschooling.

Here’s a question. Does anyone know if Lori herself homeschooled her children for any significant length of time?

Lori’s defender of homeschooling she published as a response to the reasonable questions by the commenter bragged very quickly how strangers compliment her on how well behaved her children are and claims that’s only because of homeschooling before going on to state this about the educational levels of the mothers:

Don’t blame public schools for some person’s inability to know the difference between ‘Their’, ‘There’ and ‘They’re’! You have to put in at least some effort at any learning endeavor.

About that unnecessary college degree? There are more jobs that require it than not. You are automatically sentencing your children to a lifetime of low paying hourly wage jobs by completely ruling out any advanced schooling. College may not be necessary for everyone, but some sort of higher education is, be it trade school (plumbers make serious bank these days), college, or joining a union to be a carpenter or electrician. Character is not going to get your precious children positions that will allow for the support of a family. Saying that just shows how sheltered and naive this mother is.

The great irony of all of this is that Lori has never had to worry about money, scrimp or save, and she’s not qualified to teach on it. In her book she exhibited she does not even have a basic understanding of family economy.

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