Lori Alexander Thinks Promiscuous Women’s Brains Filled With Male DNA

Lori Alexander Thinks Promiscuous Women’s Brains Filled With Male DNA September 5, 2019
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After Ken Alexander’s recent brush with death via a tick and the birth of her daughter’s baby Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is back. For the last few days her subject has been sex outside of marriage. She is defining marriage strictly by state marriage license followed by ceremony witnessed by others, not once mentioning that her mentors the Pearls think state marriage licenses are sins.

But it’s this small idea of women’s brains being filled with the man juice of every man you’ve ever slept with that makes me guffaw! Lori has about as much science knowledge as her mentor Debi in her new book about brains ‘Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity’

Fizzy Jizzy Brains for everyone!

Do you know what further scientific studies have made of the appearance of male DNA in female brains? That it is in there primarily because of carrying a male child, or from being part of a twins couple during gestation. Everything but it’s there because you’ve slept with enough men to staff an army.

Here’s what a research scientist said about this DNA:

In the 1990s, scientists first discovered that, during pregnancy, a woman and a fetus can trade a small number of cells. In some cases, these swapped cells can be detected decades later in both mothers and offspring, Nelson, who’s recognized as a microchimerism expert, explained.

“The most common source of male DNA in an adult woman is from prior pregnancy with a male child,” she told INSIDER.

In other words it is so NOT from sleeping with men. Well, I hear Lori saying, what about those women  who have never had sons? Gotcha covered there too.

“Any suggestion that male DNA is routinely retained from sexual partners has no support from any scientific study,” Nelson said.

Some studies have mentioned the possibility in passing, but at this point, it’s pure speculation that’s never been put to the test, she added. That’s a far cry from some outlets confidently claiming that women absorb DNA from “ every man they have sex with,” as one headline read.

and this:

Besides, the idea that sperm can burrow inside you and hang out for decades doesn’t jibe with the fact that sperm dies after about five days inside the reproductive tract.

And if sex was really a cause of male microchimerism, Nelson and her team would have probably detected male DNA in more of the women they tested in 2005.

“To me the biggest statement is the data,” she said. “If this were routinely happening, I mean, you would see it in the vast majority of adult women [without sons] that we studied.”

In those without sons the sources of the DNA seems likely to be from a twin brother, an older brother or an early miscarriage according to the same scientist.

This is why getting your science facts from click baiting sources leads to women like Lori coming up with their “facts” that aren’t factual in the least.  Every single time you run up on a scientific study you need to take a look at everything the study says, not just a few random bits like Debi Pearl did with the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. Snippets of data can be manipulated to say anything, when the broader picture shows the truth.

Interestingly enough, while Lori has been mining her chatroom for this topic it came up that one young lady was unmarried, living with her husband and had children, asking Lori was to do. Lori turned her issue into today’s posting and Lori actually gave something of a liberal and understanding answer. I guess even a clock is right twice  a day!

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  • Okay… I’ve been married for nearly 30 years, and I haven’t cheated, so perhaps I just don’t get it. Debi wrote, “The thrill of sex outside of marriage is nearly irresistible to many…” When I think about what other people must go through when a partner is unfaithful, it would never occur to me that ‘many’ people do it for ‘the thrill.’ I have this idea that people become dissatisfied with their relationship, and so they end up going outside of the marriage to satisfy their needs for companionship and sex. There are certainly thrill seekers and serial philanderers out there, but am I just far too naive to think that they are in the minority?

    Instead of considering that most people are very much alike, the Pearls demonstrate yet again that they think that they’re morally superior, and everyone else is evil. Men are better than women, and women are trying to usurp and destroy them. Babies are trying to overthrow and dominate their parents. Everyone is an adversary, even your partner or child because we’re all no different than horses. When they shift our focus to married couples, suddenly instead of being fellow human beings with wants and needs, anyone who isn’t one of ‘them’ is perverse.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    It’s Lori Alexander that said that.

  • Tawreos

    So is she telling women to make sure that a condom2 of some sort is used? That would prevent the DNA from being inside a woman, right. If she thinks that even with condom2 use the DNA is still there then we are all carrying the DNA of everyone we have ever had skin to skin contact with regardless of whether it was intimate or not. And even though she just states it is true, she says nothing about what effect this has on the body, if any. Most of us have things inside our body that are not natural to us. Sometimes things are implanted by doctors and sometimes they are little bits of rock that you picked up when you fell off your bike when you were 10. Neither really has much of a harmful effect on the body, so why would small quantities of DNA? We take in more DNA when we eat than would ever be present in sperm and yet you could eat the same food every day for your entire life and never exhibit properties of that food source that you don’t already have as a human being.

    In short, as long as you and your partner want to have sex2, enjoy it. Enjoy it, if for no other reason, so you don’t become a bitter old lady trying to make sure that no one else ever enjoys sex2 with anyone for the rest of your life.

  • Tawreos

    With all the crazy hate that so many of them spew, they all kind of blend together after a while.

  • AFo

    Always shaming women. There are plenty of men who have sex before marriage, cheat on their wives, etc. and are given a free pass. Lori really needs to stop acting like what others do in their own personal relationships is any of her business.

  • Tawreos

    She spends time nosing into other peoples business in an effort to make sure they are as miserable as she is.

  • Aloha 2

    The most oversexed women around are the married ones. They’re the ones having sex practically daily, if hubby desires.
    Single women are comparatively chaste.

  • Aloha 2

    She’s probably mostly going off against pre-marital sex. That’s more common and has long been a target2 of Christian conservatives.

    So she’s siding with legions of others to say that you can never fully clean up from premarital sex. That you’re branded for life.

  • Aloha 2

    She’s probably mostly going off against pre-marital seks. That’s more common and has long been a target2 of Christian conservatives.

    So she’s siding with legions of others to say that you can never fully clean up from premarital seks. That you’re branded for life.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    She did a doozy of a clueless “MEMEMEMEEEEEEEEEE!” video today talking about not being at Ken’s bedside in ICU. I think that is twisted.

  • Saraquill

    @#$% you Lori, for your backdoor insult to childfree and infertile married couples.

  • Saraquill

    This could also be an endorsement of same sex1 female couples.

  • kaydenpat

    Sperm in my perm!
    Some people will go to any length to slut2 shame women.

  • persephone

    She can’t teach men, because she’s a woman, so she’s going to take out all her anger (there’s a lot of anger in that starving body) on women, the people she can preach to.

  • ephemerol

    Sех outside of marriage causes much harm. Sех was created for marriage. …

    Which is why in nature, in that vast array of non-humаn life that rеprоduсеѕ ѕеxuаllу, from plants to animals, botanists and zoologists have found that they always get married first…

  • Odd Jørgensen

    “one young lady was unmarried, living with her husband”…huh?

    Also too, what`s with her yapping on about broken an defiled marriage beds? She knows about Ikea right? You can buy as many new and pristine beds as the heart desires.

  • Lucy

    Good one!

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Yeah, yeah, I made a typo should read boyfriend not husband

  • (((J_Enigma32)))

    “A woman can carry the DNA of all her male partners for life.”

    Nothing good ever comes from uneducated ignoramus hacks incorporating “scientific studies have shown . . . .” or “science says . . . .” in their writing. This is definitive proof of that.

    I’m suspicious enough of science studies when I read headlines about them in the mainstream news. Someone this damn2 stupid2 doesn’t need to be commenting on science. I’d say this is the most mindbogglingly stupid2 thing I’ve ever read, but really, every week brings with it another torrent of dumb2 shit2 that just makes me sigh and shake my head. Leaving off how stupid it is, it shouldn’t matter. Why? Because the DNA in your cells mutates as you age. This is what cancer is; a more extreme and malignant from of this gradual mutation, either by sudden damage or by sheer information entropy. By the time you die, your cells do not all have the same DNA. I’d even go so far as to suggest this divergence of DNA within your body happens long before you die.

    So not only is this stupid2, it actively does not matter. Implied here is the idea of “pure DNA,” and let’s be honest, I’m having flashbacks to the Third Reich3. Not just because of the implications of “pure DNA” on genocide, but because of the shoddy fucking2 science both the Nazis3 and these Christian Conservatives employ to justify their bigotries and frankly pointless social policies. But then, forced collectivists like Lori and her ilk are going to be forced collectivists, always pushing to eradicate individualism in the name of their warped faith, which demands everyone be crammed into little boxes and never, ever let free. It’s a type of collectivism that fascists would be deeply familiar with. Lori is, at least.

  • Raging Bee

    She can also, you know, change the sheets as often as she wants…

  • WallofSleep

    If Lori’s correct, that could mean all my dairy cows… OHMYGAWD!!!

  • lady_black

    I might add that having no sons is far different from never having carried a male pregnancy. Lori seems unable to do science correctly.
    Without doing any deep research, it seems entirely plausible that cells are exchanged during the time the placenta is forming. Therefore, that which she believes to be a late, heavy period could actually be a miscarriage before she even knows she was pregnant.
    There’s no evidence that happened, when it happens. And even when she has taken a pregnancy test, and then subsequently lost the pregnancy very early… who goes through the trouble of retaining the material and having it tested to see if it was a male or female embryo? Nobody. Because frankly, it’s irrelevant.
    Since sperm has a limited life-span once ejaculated, we can be sure that’s NOT the cause of micro-chimerism. A sperm cell is haploid, and doesn’t represent an entire human genome in the first place. A sperm cell is NOT “male DNA.”

  • That’s not how it works, Lori. That’s not how any of this works.

  • Both were mentioned. I have to keep a scorecard.

  • At least Lori or Debi or whomever isn’t saying that if that woman has sex with a man later that the man is actually having a same sex relationship via DNA. Oh, wait. That will be the next thing.

  • What if you are widowed and you remarry? Does Lori think then that the extra DNA that isn’t there is still evil? That old Elizabeth Elliot was married and outlived a bunch of hubbies. Was she a walking vat of putrid male DNA then?

  • Raging Bee

    Lori Alexander Thinks Promiscuous Women’s Brains Filled With Male DNA

    Sounds like yet another really great plot for some really sick/silly hentai. I’ll leave the details to someone who can draw better than I can…

  • Raging Bee

    Well, you coulda made ’em get married, but no…

  • SAO

    The early part of a budding relationship is a thrill. It’s all attraction, romance, discovery, and candle-lit dinners. Marriages have their days when it’s a slog to get dinner on the table after a long day at work, when you came home late and your kids are whiny with hunger.

    I’d never cheat, but not long ago I met an interesting guy in my class who was attracted to me. It was tremendously flattering, since I’m decades past the age when I received regular interest from men. In fact, it’s been so long, that I didn’t recognize that what I saw as the friendship of two students a generation older than the rest of the class was turning into a flirtation, at least on his side.

  • SAO

    So, if you kiss, presumably, you’re exchanging saliva. Does the saliva of every woman he’s ever kissed live on in a man’s body?

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    And if a woman ends up with a few cells w/ their partners’ DNA in it decades later… so what?
    Any indication that this causes any sort of problem?

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    Despite what happened in the final Twilight book, marriage beds don’t tend to break that often when vampires aren’t involved.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Well,…….. unless there are some pretty intense hijinks going on….

  • WallofSleep

    I’m not a polygamist! I mean.. um… never mind.

  • Jennifer

    HA *cough cough*

  • Jennifer

    Let me be a Half Woman..

  • Brian Shanahan

    Aww carp. BSE burgers are back.

  • kenofken

    I don’t care what causes promiscuity in women…as long as it keeps working! 🙂

  • kenofken

    They do when you get 4-6 good size people rocking on one bed! 🙂

  • NikkiofAmystika

    I think Lori meant premarital sex69 as much as she did adultery69.

  • DoctorDJ

    Lori Alexander’s little cult of ignorance is both embarrassing and dangerous. I read the gushing comments of her female minions on FaceBook and think “GOOD GAWD, WOMEN… GET A GRIP!”

    I’d sure like her to comment on the medical staff who cared for her husband. You know, all the women who got out of the house, went to college and pursued post graduate medical degrees… 80% of health care workers are women! I wonder if she prosthelytized to them while they were keeping her husband on this side of the sod, telling the 3rd shift workers that they should be at home meeting their husbands’ “needs.”

  • This is proof positive that koalas are anti-marriage, sex-crazed, randy beasts! The old sods get chlamydia and die because the wage of extramarital sin is death!

  • B.E. Miller

    I’m pretty sure superhero couples might break their beds…. (Sorry, just thinking of some of those gay male superheros in comics.)

  • B.E. Miller

    And here I was thinking it sounded like a great plot for some crazy B-movie.

  • Raging Bee

    Or that. Does Lori also think all that make DNA makes them lesbians2?

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    Don’t discount the ladies. I’m sure She-hulk could smash up a bed, too.

  • B.E. Miller

    Haha, yes, or Wonder Woman…. hee!

  • B.E. Miller

    Oooo it’s that crazy B movie, where men’s sperm turn them into lesbians69!