Michael and Debi Pearl and That Child Abuse Demonstration

Michael and Debi Pearl and That Child Abuse Demonstration February 18, 2020

We have to talk about this video. I’d heard tell that there was a Michael and Debi Pearl training video showing how Michael demonstrates copiously how to whale on a child with his ‘rod of correction. But I’d never actually seen it until last night when it came up on my Facebook feed in a group.

This runs very counter to the claims of the Pearls, the recent claims, that what they teach isn’t child abuse. We’ve seen in recent years the Pearls furiously back pedaling away from their former words. They keep trying to promote a kinder, gentler No Greater Joy with the abuse hidden behind coded language. Just look at this week’s chapter of Debi Pearl’s book “Create a Better Brain Through Neuroplasticity” on autism and tell me Michael’s solution would not involve a ‘Rod’?

We’ve talked a lot about the Pearl’s abuse, but we’re not shown it. This is what it looks like to beat a child. I’ve left the time markers on the screen caps below to show where in the video each shot was taken.

Since the video has been taken down, and the Pearls have threatened various people with  a law suit over it I took screen caps of the worst parts. Warning: VERY disturbing, but take a look at what Michael thinks is good parenting.

In the previous two photos Michael is slamming, slamming the head of a stuffed sewn doll to the table at full force to illustrate how to get a child’s attention.

Hands around neck in a choking motion.

Child doll held by pulling it’s hair while the switch comes down so rapidly in Michael’s right hand it is a blur.

Pulled by the head and beaten by a rod.

Again, the hand holding the rod is moving too quickly and with too much force for the camera to catch. A blow this hard would break capillaries and leave bruises on a real child.

It may be a doll, a lifeless lump of cloth and padding, but it’s still disturbing to see Michael wielding that rod and holding it by the hair.

And the video….if you are brave enough to watch the entire thing.

….and Debi laughs while Michael acts out his pathological rage on the representation of a child. There’s a special place in hell for people who enjoy inflicting pain on children.

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