7 Ways Fictional President Camacho is a Better President Than Donald Trump

7 Ways Fictional President Camacho is a Better President Than Donald Trump August 6, 2020

Screen cap from “Idiocracy” of President Camacho.

You know what they say, when it rains it pours. That’s true with content for NLQ too. I initially started out writing piece on the strange unzipped underwear showing photos that surfaced last week of Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr. clutching what looks like a mixed drink. I’ve been watching this develop all week and the various explanations of the photo, from it’s a “Trailer Park Boys” themed party, to yesterday’s “She’s pregnant and unable to zip her pants so I followed suit”. It’s a mess, but not too surprising considering some of the photos and rumors of Falwell and his promoted pool boy. But while looking at the Falwell mess I ran across another article about President Donald Trump comparing him to “Idiocracy” President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

I was highly disappointed to find the article deceptively titled, with very little about the comparison until the last paragraph of the article, and thought, just for fun, let’s compare the leadership style of both in more detail than Raw Story did.

If you have not seen the movie it’s about a dystopian nightmare world roughly 500 years into the future where only low iq people have reproduced and everything has pretty much gotten much worse as a result. I remember watching the film when it debuted in 2006, giggling and saying that would never happen. Revisiting the film fourteen years later I have to conclude under Trump we’re already part of the way there. Easily Mike Judge’s funniest and scariest film at the same time. Just a look at the trailer.

Everyone from Mary Trump to other health professionals are busy diagnosing our president with a laundry list of depressing mind problems. So, just for fun. Here’s how the fiction president stacks up against the real president.

1 – Knowledge

Donald Trump says he is super smart and knows about everything. Just look at the way he has handled every single aspect of the COVID 19 response!

Camacho is smart enough to know he does not know everything, bringing Joe to help him solve the dust bowl problems that have led to worldwide burrito covering and french fry shortages.

2 – Teachability

Donald Trump is too thin skinned to take any sort of advice from anyone except a few lackeys who kiss his boots.

Camacho is confident enough to listen to others, like when he listened to Joe about watering the crops with water instead of Brawndo to bring back growth.

3 – Answering Critics

This one might be a draw instead of an outright victory. Trump likes to demonize anyone that opposes him, calling them fake news or liars before moving into a toddler like tantrum.

Camacho tends to ride his motorcycle down the middle of Constitution Avenue drinking beer and flipping birds like he does not care what others think.

4 – Cares For Fellow Citizens

Trump has proven just by his actions during the COVID 19 pandemic and that recent AXIOs interview that he cares nothing for the citizens of this great nation. He literally does not care that people are dying.

Camacho cares enough about what happens to the average guy to try and fix the problems of the nation, of the dust bowl, starving citizens, wrecked economy, acne, and garbage avalanches.

5 – Capable of Change When Evidence Appears

Anyone looking at Trump still promoting the thoroughly debunked hydroxycloroquine in the face of his own health agency, the CDC, saying no one should be taking it for Coronavirus because it does not work can see how Trump loves to double down on his misinformation no matter what evidence is presented.

Camacho stopped the execution of Joe when a fallen camera during ‘Rehabilitation’ showed that Joe was right, and water revived the crops.

6 – Dumb Irresponsible Breeding

While the world of “Idiocracy” came about because of lower IQ people having more babies we never see Camacho having a fleet of babies and adding to the problem.

Trump has five children we know of, likely a few others and a pile of rumored abortions. It’s been said he tried to get at least several of those children aborted. He does not believe that the onus of taking responsibility for birth control is on him. Just like he apparently does not believe sexual consent is a thing either. In a time where we’re getting closer to over population we just need to be mindful of this, something that QF thinks is stupid.

7 – Embracing Who He Is

Trump is not very self aware at all. He has an inflated opinion of who he is that is not rooted in reality. Look at all the failed vanity projects with his name on them. The bankruptcies, the millions of dollars he’s taken and blown from the family coffers, his stiffing payments to contractors, his slum lord father, and constant relentless and fake self promotion combined with the gaudy gold leaf on every surface surrounding him. He grew up in Queens, for heavens sake, not the rarefied old money atmosphere of Manhattan. He became president because of the false facade he was able to project out of his own clueless fantasies during a reality television show.

Camacho does not try to hide that he’s no elite. He acknowledges his wrestling super stardom and his adult film career. He throws parties that aren’t formal on the White House lawn.

Most of these boil down to honesty and integrity, two things our current president lacks. I hate to admit it, but I really miss both Barack Obama and George W. Bush, or just about any other president from the past.


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