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Science and Religion: Resources October 12, 2022

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with Ted Peters

Are science and religion really at war? No. But some think so.

Some religious believers fear that evolutionary theory eliminates biblical accounts of creation and fall.

Some anti-religious critics think that science is more highly evolved. Religion, accordingly, is less highly evolved. Religion, allegedly, is an anachronism embraced only by stupnagels, nincompoops, and bigots.

Many atheists believe that science supports materialism, physicalism, and naturalism. To repudiate religion is to look more scientific.

Are any of these surmises true? Or, are they merely self-serving rationalizations?

Theology is the rational wash that drives religion’s dynamo, generating spiritual power. Theology is defined as “faith seeking understanding” (fides quaarens intellectum).

Today, theological understanding is frequently pursued in partnership with natural science. The founders of modern science–Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton–were deeply committed Christians. The founders of Britian’s Royal Society were largely clergy. There is nothing intrinsic to science that makes it anti-religious.

The idea of a perpetual warfare between religion and science was first introduced in the late 19th century. The historical facts show that the idea of a perpetual war between science and religion fails to describe what actually happened.

What is happening today is as exciting to intellectuals as the World Series is to baseball fans. A creative mutual interaction between theology and science is generating protean ideas about how to describe our physical and social worlds. Our magnificent cosmos, replete with perhaps two trillion galaxies and a 13.8 billion year history, has been graced by a loving creator God.

Videos on Science and Religion

Theology and Science Journal

Are Science and Religion Really at War?

Natural Science within Public Christian Philosophy and Public Systematic Theology

The Evolution Controversy

Are we playing God with our genes? 1990-2000

The Cloning and Stem Cell Wars 2000-2010

The CRISPR Revolution (with Arvin Gouw) 2010-Date

Earth Apocalypse? Futurology, Eco-Theology & Eco-Ethics

Would discovery of ETI precipitate a religious crisis?

Articles & Posts on Science and Religion

Robert John Russell: In Celebration

One Programmatic Article on Science and Religion

Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett, “Can You Believe in God and Evolution? Click here.

Science and Religion: Ten Models of War, Truce, and Partnership

Various Articles and Posts on Science and Religion

Can Science Dispense with Religion?

Natural Science within Public Christian Philosophy and Public Systematic Theology

AI Warning: Utopia or Extinction?

Your Robot Pastor is Here

For more about this book, click.

What is Truth?

What is Truth in Science and Theology? Part One

What is Truth in Science and Theology? Part Two

Protestantism and the Sciences

Science for the Church? Greg Cootsona

Prebunking Disinformation

The Science of Evil and the Evil of Science

Ecotheology when “It’s Time to Act”

For more about this book, click

Extinction, Natural Evil, and the Cosmic Cross

The Danger of Free Will Denial

Where There’s Life There’s Intelligence

Religious Traditions and Genetic Enhancement

Should CRISPR Scientists Play God?

Are we closer to free market eugenics? The CRISPR controversy

Flashing the Yellow Light: Choices Forced upon us by Gene Editing Technologies

Universal Humanity, Religious Particularity, and Scientific Reductionism

The Higgs Boson: An Adventure in Critical Realism

Quantum Theory, God, and Carl Peterson

Techno-Secularism, Religion, and the Created Co-Creator

Can we locate our origin in the Future? Archonic versus epigenetic creation accounts

Should Christians Dump Darwin?

Befriending Science: Christian Theologians Respond

Additional Global Resources on Science and Religion

Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

Science and Religion Course Program

Counterbalance on Science and Religion

Faraday Institute on Science and Religion

Zygon Center for Religion and Science

ESSSAT (European Society for the Study of Science and Theology)

Routledge books on Science and Religion

ATF Press: Scholars Collection on Faith and Science

Neuroscience, Consciousness, and Free Will

Did I lose my Conscious Mind to Science?

Did I lose my Free Will to Science?

Did I lose my sense of God to Atheism?

Did I lose my Self to my Brain?

Did I lose my Self to Determinism?

Did I lose my Self to Christian Freedom?

The Science of No-Kill Cultivated Meat & Religious Reactions

To Eat No-Kill Cultivated Meat. Part One: The Science

To Eat No-Kill Cultivated Meat. Part Two: Kosher?

To Eat No-Kill Cultivated Meat. Part Three: Hindus? Jains?

To Eat No-Kill Cultivated Meat. Part Four: Mormons?

To Eat No-Kill Cultivated Meat. Part Five: Muslims?

To Eat No-Kill Cultivated Meat. Part Six: Catholic?

Astrobiology, Astrotheology, UFOs, and Alien Contact

ASTROTHEOLOGY. More on the book? Click here.

VIDEO. Star Trek Universe: Cosmic Thoughts

VIDEO. What is Astrotheology?

VIDEO. The Cosmic Matrix: Science, SETI, and UFOs

VIDEO. The ETI Myth in Science and Ufology

Astrobiology: The Almost Religious Science

How to become an astrotheologian?

Astrotheology’s contribution to public theology

Astrotheology as Public Theology


Do we have space neighbors in God’s kingdom?

Introducing astrotheology and astroethics

Does extraterrestrial life have intrinsic value?

“UFOs–God’s Chariots?” For more book information, click here.

Would confirmation of ETI cause a crisis for terrestrial religion? (Royal Society)

Would confirmation of ETI cause a crisis for terrestrial religion? (Patheos)


Cosmotheology: Steven J. Dick

Are Alien Scientists the Real Gods?

NASA and Priests Preparing for ETI Contact

Does extraterrestrial life have intrinsic value: An exploration in responsibility ethics

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Is ETI calling “wolf”?

Astrobiology and Astrotheology in Creative Mutual Interaction

Astrotheology as Public Theology

Astrobiology: The Almost Religious Science

Future Space Missions and Human Enhancement: Medical and Ethical Challenges

Evolving from Earthlings into Martians

Intelligent Aliens and Astroethics

Religious Transhumanism and Its Critics

VIDEO: The Future of Transhumanism as a New Religious Movement

Is AI a shortcut to virtue? To holiness?

The Transhuman, The Posthuman, and the Truly Human

 Radical Life Extension? Cybernetic Immortality? Or Resurrection of the Body?

Religious Transhumanism 4: Evangelical? Yes

Religious Transhumanism 5: Mormon? Yes

Religious Transhumanism 6: Jewish? No

Religious Transhumanism 7: Buddhist? Yes

Religious Transhumanism 8: UU? Yes

Christian Transhumanism versus Transhumanist Christianity

Religious Transhumanism 10: Transhumanism vs Posthumanism

Religious Transhumanism 11: What about the body?

Religious Transhumanism 12: Catholic?

Religious Transhumanism 13: Methodist?

Religious Transhumanism 14: Scientific?

Religious Transhumanism 15: Lutheran?

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About Ted Peters
Ted Peters pursues Public Theology at the intersection of science, religion, ethics, and public policy. Peters is an emeritus professor at the Graduate Theological Union, where he co-edits the journal, Theology and Science, on behalf of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, in Berkeley, California, USA. His book, God in Cosmic History, traces the rise of the Axial religions 2500 years ago. He previously authored Playing God? Genetic Determinism and Human Freedom? (Routledge, 2nd ed., 2002) as well as Science, Theology, and Ethics (Ashgate 2003). He is editor of AI and IA: Utopia or Extinction? (ATF 2019). Along with Arvin Gouw and Brian Patrick Green, he co-edited the new book, Religious Transhumanism and Its Critics hot off the press (Roman and Littlefield/Lexington, 2022). Soon he will publish The Voice of Christian Public Theology (ATF 2022). See his website: This fictional spy thriller, Cyrus Twelve, follows the twists and turns of a transhumanist plot. You can read more about the author here.

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