A Mom’s Love for Her Blind Son, One Paper at a Time

Well, there’s been a lot of action on my blog this week!  I welcome all my new readers… even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.  Today, I’m posting something uplifting…  something we can all agree on.  This Mother’s Day weekend, as you run around town looking for a gift for Mom, this video will inspire you. It’s a mother telling the story of her blind son’s birth and life, one piece of paper at a time.  I love the different emotions she shows on her face between the papers…  you can tell she’s been through a lot, but she’s not broken and is not in despair.

Anyway, if there are any struggling mothers out there this weekend, you might find inspiration in this mom’s determination and love.

And for the rest of you — here’s a hint: all Moms love chocolate!


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  • Jean

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family!

    • Jean

      Bristol, You now how to bring people back to what matters (most anyway).

      Happy Mother’s Day to that woman and her beautiful son!

  • PamelaDeville

    Thanks for sharing this video, Bristol. To think they could have aborted that beautiful baby! I’m sure it was suggested to them!

    I enjoy your blog very much and hope you don’t take anything unkind to heart.

    What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day? :)

  • Katie DiFrancesco

    I’ve watched this movie a lot and I never tire of it. God Bless, Bristol and a Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family!

  • Noe Gorrochoteguu

    Thank you for sharing this very inspirational video. I hope all is well with you and your baby and the rest of your admirable family

  • Sue Lynn

    God bless you Bristol!!! Very moving!

  • sap

    I think all unwed single mom’s should abort. Happy Mother’s day…..

  • cromagnon82

    “even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.”

    You mean everyone who commented on that thread (all 2500+)? That is except for the same 3 commenters who posted in support over and over? 2 of which are no doubt you and your grifter mom $arah. Since as we all know $arah has a habit of posting comments to her ghost-written facebook posts under other names

    Have a happy Mother’s day! And don’t forget, Father’s Day is just around the corner

    • ceil

      I can see November (and the BIG change) from my living room window!!!

    • CIP

      She’s a MOTHER all right. She’ll pay for it later, too.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      Cromagnon82, there’s a special corner in hell reserved just for haters like you.

    • sue

      Ha one of the crazy Trig-truthers is back. Get some help- obsessing about people that you do not like is mentally unhealthy. Following stories around the internet to spew filth is deranged.

    • section9

      Jesus tap-dancing Christmas.
      Part of the problem with you canine, rabid Palin haters, besides the fact that you have a Strict Mommy Obsession with Sarah Palin, is the fact that you can’t count, and you think that in a time of 15% unemployment (yes, my left wing friend, working people know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is lying to them) that Obama is still as popular as he was in 2008.
      Well, he is, with the gullible and easily led. That describes most liberals these days.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, I love this video, Bristol! I was actually going to post it on your FB page the other day when I first saw it. I’m so glad you’re posting it now. This woman is such an inspiration. I literally cried during the whole thing, because I was so touched by the love she has for her child. She’s been through a lot. You can see it in her eyes. But she is blessed with this beautiful baby boy. Just as you are blessed with your beautiful son, Tripp. Happy Mother’s Day, Bristol! (and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in your family – especially Mama Grizzly!) I hope you get lots of chocolate!

  • Kathleen

    Doggone you Bristol, you keep finding the videos that make me cry. God bless you. Ignore the haters; God will be the judge of them as to the intent of their hearts. The only one you should be the most concerned about pleasing is Him, and if you are living in His will you will come out fine. May you, your mom and your grandmas all have a blessed and happy Mother’s Day.

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