A Mom’s Love for Her Blind Son, One Paper at a Time

Well, there’s been a lot of action on my blog this week!  I welcome all my new readers… even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.  Today, I’m posting something uplifting…  something we can all agree on.  This Mother’s Day weekend, as you run around town looking for a gift for Mom, this video will inspire you. It’s a mother telling the story of her blind son’s birth and life, one piece of paper at a time.  I love the different emotions she shows on her face between the papers…  you can tell she’s been through a lot, but she’s not broken and is not in despair.

Anyway, if there are any struggling mothers out there this weekend, you might find inspiration in this mom’s determination and love.

And for the rest of you — here’s a hint: all Moms love chocolate!


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  • ole

    This individual story is sweet, I guess, but it’s also being used as anti-choice propaganda by so many sources. It’s disingenuous to claim it’s something “we can all agree on.” There’s nothing wrong with a mother learning her fetus has this disorder and then aborting it. There’s also nothing wrong with a mother learning her fetus has this disorder choosing to have it.

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story Bristol. Christian’s mom is an amazing woman, truly inspiring and beautiful!

  • kate

    Very nice Miss Bristol. Thank you. Bless you and Tripp.

  • Joseph

    Wow! That is an amazing story! I pray for the best in Christian’s life, and Happy Mother’s Day to Christian’s mom! Thank you sharing this, Bristol. And I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day as well; you’re a great mom to Tripp! :)

  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    All I can after watching this video is “WOW!” I’m in the group who wonders how anyone could consider abortion let alone criticize someone for NOT having one. There are some seriously disturbed people in this world but this gal has her head on right and is moving in the right direction. Christian is a lucky and much-loved little boy!

  • joycebwi

    This is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for posting Bristol.

  • CJ

    Bristol, this is truly beautiful and had me in tears :) Bless you for sharing this as we celebrate the joys of MOTHERHOOD and pay a special tribute to our own moms and grandmothers. Christian’s mom said it all without uttering a word…….AGAPE LOVE…….TO LOVE OTHERS AS CHRIST LOVES US :} The LORD has a special plan and purpose for this precious baby. MAY GOD BLESS THEM ABUNDANTLY <3

  • http://non82 Millie

    That is an amazing story! And praying for Christian and his Mother. Wishing her a wonderful
    Mother’s day. Bristol I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day to. You are a wonderful mom
    and Tripp is a very lucky little boy.

  • Asian Gal

    Some people do have the guts and the heart to do what is right, like Christian’s mom, no matter what others may say. Such an inspiring story!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Bristol, your mom and grandmas and to all moms in the world.

  • sybilll

    Thank you Bristol, that was just the perspective wake-up call I needed. God Bless Christian and his precious mother.

    • Debra

      God Bless Christian and his mother. Happy Mother’s Day to his mother.
      This is truly an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.