A Mom’s Love for Her Blind Son, One Paper at a Time

Well, there’s been a lot of action on my blog this week!  I welcome all my new readers… even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.  Today, I’m posting something uplifting…  something we can all agree on.  This Mother’s Day weekend, as you run around town looking for a gift for Mom, this video will inspire you. It’s a mother telling the story of her blind son’s birth and life, one piece of paper at a time.  I love the different emotions she shows on her face between the papers…  you can tell she’s been through a lot, but she’s not broken and is not in despair.

Anyway, if there are any struggling mothers out there this weekend, you might find inspiration in this mom’s determination and love.

And for the rest of you — here’s a hint: all Moms love chocolate!


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  • Sharon

    Bristol, I thank you for allowing all comments, no matter how inappropriate to the content of the post at hand or how digusting they show their authors to be. This was an incredible post for a mom who exemplifies the best mom in all of us. Thank you.

  • Bill Sr.

    Jesus made it very clear to Thomas and us that “believing” is in spirit seeing for it is “by faith” that the Spirit of God enters our hearts and reveals the kingdom of God to us. This is why he came and offered himself in the flesh to heal, forgive, teach, and ignite the living Word of God for all ages. The gospels are not dried up parchment and ink. They are like living windows of words for our souls. God reveals himself to us through these words. Jesus and his teachings in the gospels and the church through the apostles and their successors guided by the Holy Spirit give us the vision and understanding of the mystery of God.
    Do you recall the story of Helen Keller? She appeared to be unable to see, hear, or communicate with anyone. At first thought one would wonder why God had created this child and put her into such a situation. Yet when we marvel at her life’s accomplishments are we not also inspired and amazed when we think of the dedication and undaunted respect for her life which Ms. Sullivan, her teacher and friend, had for Helen? This is a glowing example of love, compassion, and perseverance in doing God’s will as well as an obvious acknowledgement of the divinely inspired potential in every soul He has created. Many would call the results a miracle. The truth is it was the will of God in action for both of them. Love, compassion, and perseverance came together in service.
    Fear and doubt could have stopped this “miracle” of turning what seemed to be a hopeless situation into a wonderful life of accomplishment. But fear of failure and the doubt that it could be done took a backseat to the willful spirit of service to God. If we are to do God’s will on earth fear and doubt must be cast aside.

  • John

    WOW! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day

  • http://C4P&P4A indemind

    Wonderful Video Bristol …. To all you Mamma Grizzlies out there “Happy Mothers Day”…. ;-)

  • Izzy

    Happy Mothers Day Bristol and your mother of course, Sarah.

    • Bruce Best

      Love your kind comment.

  • Penn

    Happy Mother’s Day, Bristol!

  • Kim Floyd

    I love the video! What a great mom and precious little gift from God! Christian will go on to do many great things for the Lord Jesus! Happy Mothers Day to all!

  • Patricia Gonzalez

    wonderful story. God bless Christian and his family. Big things are coming to Christan. Thank you Bristol for sharing it. God bless you!!

  • Helen Marie Weinar

    What a testimony of Mother’s love! Happy Mother’s day Bristol!

  • Pippa

    Who paid for Christian’s medical care? Does this young couple have health insurance, or did they rely on Medicaid? Who will pay for Christian’s special education, and provide his disability payments for his entire life?

    • 56Survivor

      Pippa, do you really care about the answers to your questions or are you really just pissed that Christian’s parents chose NOT to abort him? Come on……that is really what you are upset about. Right???