Stand with the 8% – Down Syndrome Babies Who Weren’t Aborted

In the United States, would you believe ninety-two percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted before they get a chance to take a breath? When I hear this statistic, it makes me want to burst into tears.  I can’t imagine a world without Trig — he is the best brother!  (Okay, you’re not too bad either, Track!)

It’s crazy how in love with Trig we all are. When Tripp is acting up — which he does often! — I sometimes joke with my mom.

“Hey, want to trade kids?” I laugh.

Willow and I always talk about how lovable Trig is, and how we’d take him over any so-called “normal” kid anyday! He’s way cooler than people with fewer chromosomes. I’d have a Down syndrome baby in a heartbeat, and I know anyone else would if they saw any sort of glimpse of how perfect my little brother is.

I saw this photo on Facebook, which takes the silly “I am the 99%” slogan of the Occupy Wall Street guys and turns it on its head.  I’m not sure if you can read the small print from the photo, but it reads:

I have Down Syndrome, and my parents didn’t abort me.

I am one of the 8%.
I may never be the captain of a high school team.
I may never win a national spelling bee.
I might not go to an Ivy League college.
It might take me a little longer to learn sometimes.
I might not ever be the tallest, fastest, or smartest.


I will show you how to love unconditionally.
I will show you how to be joyful no matter what.
I will not have your handicaps of malice, hatred, prejudice, discontentment, and arrogance.
My parents and family love me exactly how I am.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
Pretty powerful, huh?

It goes on:

In America, the abortion rate for a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome is 92%.  In a society that’s so obsessed with perfect children, competition, better performance, and plastic surgery, Down syndrome is a death sentence.  We are guilty of genocide, creating the master race by killing 9 out of every 10 babies with a genetic anomaly.

Did you hear that, Occupy Wall Street guys? That’s something really worth protesting.

Please share this post on your personal Facebook pages, because together we can raise awareness about this national tragedy!

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  • Anonymoose

    You are the biggest liar EVER, Bristol. I do have a child with DS and I would never fake anything about her birth or her life like you and your family have done/are doing with Trig. LIARS. Your mother did not birth Trig. If you didn’t, I am putting money on it being Shailey. You know, TRIPP.

    • CJ

      Andrew Sullivan, what are you doing on this site? And why aren’t you using your real name??

    • Tim

      Anonymoose ,time to take your meds.

    • section9

      Wait a minute! You Trig Truthers have to stick to one Trutherism. Either Trig is Bristol’s baby or Trig is Sarah’s baby. Where did you clowns come up with Shailey, all of a sudden. Oh wait, this must be Malia Litman. No one else in the Palin Derangement Syndrome Universe could be as deranged.

  • Joseppi

    Why include the snark about Occupy? This is what makes you look bad and petty all the time.
    You ruined a perfectly good story with the snark. This is the reason you get so much criticism.
    Try expressing yourself without having to throw in playground behavior, and maybe you’d be taken a little more seriously.

    • Anonymoose

      Playground behavior is a Palin MO. She learned it from her mother and father. Oh, and it is soooo obvious that Bristol is not writing this blog. I can’t believe there are people who think she does! LOL!

    • otlset

      It’s a great story, and the ‘Occupy’ snark was right on target for that fading-fast, immature, aimless and unfocused, lash-out-at-society-because-we-can’t-cope “movement” full of ignorant losers, dropouts, vagrants and criminals.

      • Mrs. Sixx

        At least get your facts straight — the Occupy people are made up of students, college professors, former military, people who have full time jobs and go on the weekends and when they are not working. Occupy is not made up of “ignorant losers, dropouts, vagrants and criminals” — that is just right wing propaganda.

        • otlset

          Yeah right, documented filthy “camps” full of vermin and disease, rapes, murders, thefts, drug use and distribution, all kinds of aberrant and destructive behavior from really ignorant people straight from the lowest stratas of society with no real purpose or aim other than complaining and demanding handouts. I and the majority of Americans stand by that assessment.

    • Eileen

      I completely agree, this was a perfectly good post until the end. Why can’t she say anything without blaming liberals or putting politics in it. With a post like this she definitely could have brought together liberals and conservatives, but the snarky remark at the end ruined it. This is why liberals don’t like her.

  • Nicky

    Wonder how many gays there would be if there was a prenatal test for that…just a thought. People are so quick to judge others.

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    • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

      Anonymoose, did you go to school and can you do 1st grade math. Babies take 9 months. Tripp was a healthy full term baby born 8 months and 9 days after Trig, not to mention women can’t get pregnant right after having a baby. You are sure that Sarah didn’t give birth to Trig and who is Trig’s real mother, if not Sarah…..just saying.

      • linda

        ummmm. women can and do get pregnant right after having a baby. there are lots of siblings that are born 9 or 10 months apart. and 8 months 9 days could be possible. improbable, but NOT impossible. just saying.

        • Michael Teuber

          “Doubting without a basis is the equivalent of—is indeed a form of—asserting without a basis. Both procedures, being arbitrary, are disqualified by the very nature of human cognition. In reason, certainty must precede doubt, just as a grasp of truth must precede the detection of error. To establish a claim to knowledge, what one must do is to prove an idea positively, on the basis of the full context of evidence available; i.e., a man must prove that he is right. It is not incumbent on anyone—nor is it possible—to prove that he is not wrong, when no evidence of error has been offered.”

          Leonard Peikoff, “‘Maybe You’re Wrong,’”
          The Objectivist Forum, April 1981, 12

          That a woman can get pregnant under certain conditions does not establish the possibility that any particular woman did. There is ample concrete evidence to establish beyond doubt the parentage of Tripp and Trig, only arbitrary speculation, a cognitive void, to the contrary.

        • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

          Linda, maybe you can have full term babies 8 mo. and 9 days apart. but I don’t know anyone and have never head of any that did.

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  • Charisa

    The nasty comments coming from the so called DS mom on here towards Bristol is brutal & unloving! I’d think you would be on her side to try and to stop the killing of Down’s babies! Unless you yourself wish you made a different choice??? Just sayin’.

  • jessa

    excellent post like always! Keep up the good work!

  • DK

    Great post Bristol! As a person who through college worked with adults that have Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities, I know that they will face many struggles in life but that they take joy in things that we often overlook. That past job was probably the most rewarding one I’ve had! I admire you and your family for your support of Trig, as he is very lucky to have a loving and supportive family! Don’t listen to all of the haters out there…. Everyone who supports abortion has conveniently already been born! I wonder why all of the anti bullying love for people who are different doesn’t that apply here?

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    @Nicky, Anonymoose, Joseppi and the gang; Last night Bristol was seen creating a new solar system. She also built a new mall. All in one night, very impressive.

    We are posting nonsense right? Must be a new online game or something. Any rules we should be aware of while playing? Or does pretty much any kind of nonsense count?

    • Joseppi

      If Bristol wants to dish out the criticism … then she should be woman enough to take it.

      Goes both ways

  • Sue Lynn

    You are right Bristol. God will continue to bless you and tour family. I love Trig. One of your photo’s says it all. the one that has both boys face to face heart to heart and toe to toe…..