Stand with the 8% – Down Syndrome Babies Who Weren’t Aborted

In the United States, would you believe ninety-two percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted before they get a chance to take a breath? When I hear this statistic, it makes me want to burst into tears.  I can’t imagine a world without Trig — he is the best brother!  (Okay, you’re not too bad either, Track!)

It’s crazy how in love with Trig we all are. When Tripp is acting up — which he does often! — I sometimes joke with my mom.

“Hey, want to trade kids?” I laugh.

Willow and I always talk about how lovable Trig is, and how we’d take him over any so-called “normal” kid anyday! He’s way cooler than people with fewer chromosomes. I’d have a Down syndrome baby in a heartbeat, and I know anyone else would if they saw any sort of glimpse of how perfect my little brother is.

I saw this photo on Facebook, which takes the silly “I am the 99%” slogan of the Occupy Wall Street guys and turns it on its head.  I’m not sure if you can read the small print from the photo, but it reads:

I have Down Syndrome, and my parents didn’t abort me.

I am one of the 8%.
I may never be the captain of a high school team.
I may never win a national spelling bee.
I might not go to an Ivy League college.
It might take me a little longer to learn sometimes.
I might not ever be the tallest, fastest, or smartest.


I will show you how to love unconditionally.
I will show you how to be joyful no matter what.
I will not have your handicaps of malice, hatred, prejudice, discontentment, and arrogance.
My parents and family love me exactly how I am.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
Pretty powerful, huh?

It goes on:

In America, the abortion rate for a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome is 92%.  In a society that’s so obsessed with perfect children, competition, better performance, and plastic surgery, Down syndrome is a death sentence.  We are guilty of genocide, creating the master race by killing 9 out of every 10 babies with a genetic anomaly.

Did you hear that, Occupy Wall Street guys? That’s something really worth protesting.

Please share this post on your personal Facebook pages, because together we can raise awareness about this national tragedy!

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  • Traci

    Since a baby in our family was born with spina bifida, I was tested for abnormalities with all of my children. I never considered that anyone would think I was doing the test because I would abort my baby if it wasn’t “perfect.” I thought it would be best for us to know ahead of time, and prepare ourselves with knowledge. With my last son, I received that terrifying phone call for the first time, saying that my baby was at high risk for Down syndrome. The doctors assumed I wanted an abortion when they gave us the news. We chose to not have further testing done, but just pray and prepared either way. We ended up having a very healthy baby boy. If I was to have another child, or give advice to anyone considering the testing, I wouldn’t do it. It isn’t worth all of the worry and waiting, when you are going to love them no matter what. I learned about the genocide on babies with DS when we were going through this last year. It’s heartbreaking and I can’t imagine the hurt it causes God to see us destroy his perfect creations.

  • fatman6502002

    Keep up the good work. Personally I find your comentaries to be quite brilliant and I hope you keep hammering the liberals because they deserve it.

  • Breezy

    Simple question… could anybody think he is not Sarah’s. I worked for her. We whatched her little bump grow. And her face was radiantly glowing.. None us knew Trigg would come to this world with challenges but none of us doubted Sarah’s love for him and felt he is as blessed as much as her. The question. Do you really think that twit (sorry Bristol). Could keep his mouth shut?? Really he’d be shouting it from the Hollywood sign for all the Palin Haters to hear. Really Levi keeping his mouth shut… Yeah right

    • Mrs. Sixx

      How did you watch her “little bump grow” when she didn’t even announce that she was pregnant until she was supposedly seven months along? Her colleagues were quoted as being “shocked” when she told them, because there had been no indication before that she was pregnant.

      I call b.s. on your even knowing the Palins.

  • Jan

    WELL SAID, Bristol. I also believe the rise in recent years of teenagers throwing their newborn babies in the trash after birth is due to teens being raising in a society with abortions. They are shocked when they are charged with murder.

  • Elizabeth

    I work with adults with disabilities and would not trade a moment of my time with them and their families. Each continually delights me with their humor, kindness, and unconditional love. When we as humans see the “blessings in the thorns,” we glimpse a small piece of the Father’s heart. Remember that and the words of hate will never have power.

  • Susan

    I think the problem with you Trig Truthers is that you want so badly to despise everything about Sarah Palin. You allow yourself to believe every horrible rumor/smear that’s ever been said about her because it makes you feel justified in your hate of her.
    The problem is…in the midst of thinking of the worst about her…there is a little boy named Trig who gets in the way of your anti-Palin narrative. You want to believe she’s a horrible human being, but yet you know that Sarah Palin loved her child enough to NOT ABORT him. This, of course, means that she is more loving than 90% of the women out there who would have ended his life and you can’t stand the fact that she may be a very nice person and very noble-hearted mother.
    SO instead, you invent this nutty alternate reality where she is not only NOT the mother of Trig…she is only using him as well. If you want to submerge yourself in “fiction” about Sarah Palin, there is plenty of Hollywood versions of her to satisfy your need.
    It’s one thing to disagree with Sarah Palin’s political views…but please try and keep your dislike of her connected to facts and reality.

    • Linda

      So, Susan, why can Sarah not produce Trig’s birth certificate? And why did Sarah never look pregnant with Trig when she was huge with her other children? And what’s with that strange story of flying to Alaska from Texas after her water broke? Go to politicalgates or the immoralminority and get educated about the strange story of little Trig. And, when was the last time you saw a picture of Sarah with Trig? That poor kid’s fake mother doesn’t even have anything to do with him.

      • Susan

        And yet when she does appear with Trig, folks like you accuse her of “using him”…

      • Susan

        EXHIBIT A: Sarah got “fatter” with Child#1, then with Child #5.
        Seriously? That’s your proof?

      • Truth101

        Linda, Are you freckin kidding me! Did you not see her on TV when she was invited along with Gov. Napolitano and others to an event on women. She was fat.

        You have a mental problem.

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  • Elizabeth

    I work with adults with disabilities and would not trade a moment of my time with them and their families. Each continually delights me with their humor, kindness, and unconditional love. I learn so much from each of them. When each trial is viewed as a learning experience, it becomes less of a trial. Celebrating the joy is not “glossing over” the difficulties. Instead, we are celebrating the unique individual and what he or she contributes.

    When we as humans see the “blessings in the thorns,” we glimpse a small piece of the Father’s heart. Remember that and the words of hate will never have power.

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