Stand with the 8% – Down Syndrome Babies Who Weren’t Aborted

In the United States, would you believe ninety-two percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted before they get a chance to take a breath? When I hear this statistic, it makes me want to burst into tears.  I can’t imagine a world without Trig — he is the best brother!  (Okay, you’re not too bad either, Track!)

It’s crazy how in love with Trig we all are. When Tripp is acting up — which he does often! — I sometimes joke with my mom.

“Hey, want to trade kids?” I laugh.

Willow and I always talk about how lovable Trig is, and how we’d take him over any so-called “normal” kid anyday! He’s way cooler than people with fewer chromosomes. I’d have a Down syndrome baby in a heartbeat, and I know anyone else would if they saw any sort of glimpse of how perfect my little brother is.

I saw this photo on Facebook, which takes the silly “I am the 99%” slogan of the Occupy Wall Street guys and turns it on its head.  I’m not sure if you can read the small print from the photo, but it reads:

I have Down Syndrome, and my parents didn’t abort me.

I am one of the 8%.
I may never be the captain of a high school team.
I may never win a national spelling bee.
I might not go to an Ivy League college.
It might take me a little longer to learn sometimes.
I might not ever be the tallest, fastest, or smartest.


I will show you how to love unconditionally.
I will show you how to be joyful no matter what.
I will not have your handicaps of malice, hatred, prejudice, discontentment, and arrogance.
My parents and family love me exactly how I am.
I am fearfully and wonderfully made!
Pretty powerful, huh?

It goes on:

In America, the abortion rate for a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome is 92%.  In a society that’s so obsessed with perfect children, competition, better performance, and plastic surgery, Down syndrome is a death sentence.  We are guilty of genocide, creating the master race by killing 9 out of every 10 babies with a genetic anomaly.

Did you hear that, Occupy Wall Street guys? That’s something really worth protesting.

Please share this post on your personal Facebook pages, because together we can raise awareness about this national tragedy!

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  • Eileen

    I don’t think women abort their down syndrome babies because they think it’s inferior, but more because they know they do not have the patience to raise a kid like that. Not all women have good recourses to take care of a special needs child, which is a very tough job. That being said, I think it’s great that your mother IS a woman who can take care of a special needs child and give him everything he needs, and seeing how much love Trig gets from his family is heartwarming, he’s going to be very happy.

    • Sue

      I don’t agree with Eileen, it is not hard to take care of a child with down syndrome, I know this, because I take care of one and I can say with out a doubt he is easier to care for then it was raising my two normal boys. Chance, is the most loving child I have ever known. If you meet him you would fall maddly in love with him. He is so full of love and he is a lot of fun to hand out with. he loves sports and is the best player on a normal team, He can throw, toss, bat & catch Better then any six year old in his class. If he likes you then he will put your needs before himself. For example, I have very bad knees so have to sit most of the time, he knows this so with out me saying any thing to him he went to my car got into the trunk and brought back my lawn chair so I could sit and watch him play out side.. This is the kind thoughtful boy he is and I can’t even bare the thought of him not being in my life if my Niece had aborted him. It takes no patience at all to care for him, infact he is a joy to be with and I look forward to being with him every day and drive an hour just to spend time with him. How can you know how a baby is going to be like if you never give it a chance to take that first breath and give it a chance to win your love ? Even down syndrome babies are a gift from God..

      • Eileen

        Sue – that’s great! Clearly you are a very loving mother. But you need to remember that not all women are like you. Some women know in their heart that they can not provide their child with the best possible life, so they need to make the tough choice of aborting them. Just because YOU have the recourses and patience to raise a special needs child doesn’t mean everyone will.

        • Leticia Velasquez

          Nonsense, it takes no more money to raise a child with Down syndrome than any typical child. That is used by those who want to justify aborting a child with special needs, and I can prove that it is wrong, wrong, wrong.
          I have raised a child with Down syndrome for ten years, along with her two typical sisters. I think we spend more money on the typical sisters: college, weddings, cars, than on Christina. All her therapies from birth were funded by our insurance or the county and school districts. We have wanted for nothing, in fact, we are awaiting approval of a free Ipad for Christina’s use at home (She already has one for school, its a great help).
          As for patience, I agree with you. No one has enough patience to raise a child with special needs at first. But it comes just as you need it. I have shared in my book “A Special Mother is Born” that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. Remember what Morgan Freeman said, as he played God in “Evan Almighty”.
          “You prayed for patience, did you expect me to send it in a package from the sky? No, I gave you opportunities to learn patience.” Growth hurts because it stretches us beyond our comfort zone. Looking back at myself before Christina was born I much prefer my character now, even though I complained mightily during the process.

        • Leticia Velasquez

          Eileen, I agree that women who feel they are not up to the job should NOT be forced to raise a child with Down syndrome. Just give birth to the child and have the charity to give her up for adoption. They deserve a chance to live even if it can’t be with their birth mom.
          There are over 200 approved adoptive families waiting specifically for a child with Down syndrome at the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network.

          • Eileen

            Again, you’re continuing with your “I’m the center of the world” argument. You assume that because you had an easy time raising a disabled child, everyone else will too. People with down syndrome have numerous health problems that often require special attention. I don’t have any problem with people who choose to not abort their down syndrome baby, but women who do shouldn’t be demonized. If they think that not bringing their child into the world is what’s best for them, then that choice should be theirs to make.
            With regards to adoption, unfortunately most disabled kids who are given up for adoption get placed in foster care, because no one wants to take them. They just move around from home to home and never have real parents. Those 200 hundred families you mentioned are not enough to sustain the over 5,000 down syndrome babies born each year. My apologies if this post sounded rude, but I don’t know how else to say it.

        • Susan

          What about Adoption?

    • Bette

      Umm — hello — Bristol isn’t raising a special needs child. Her mother is raising Bristol’s special needs child.

      • Mikelvr

        Neither of them is raising Trig. His three caregivers are paid by SarahPAC.

        To Sarah and Bristol, Trig is a highly lucrative symbol. Those two women certainly aren’t “walking the walk.”

        • Susan

          You pretty much just invent your own fiction with regard to the Palins, don’t ya?

    • FailinPalin

      Very good reply Eileen. Women don’t need a guilt trip when deciding about giving birth to a special needs child. Even Sarah admitted that for a moment she thought about abortion.

      It’s not all sunshine and roses when you have a child with a disability. I know, I have a wonderful son with Autism. But…I have very strong support with my loving family and my husband. It has been hard, very hard. I devoted everything to ensure that he has a future. Not all women are as lucky as I am.

  • Patriot

    I just pray that trig doesn’t turn out to be gay.

  • KCF

    I find it incredibly sad that you chose to wrap your anti-OWS rant (twice!) around a legitimate issue of the precious lives of DS children. Why was that necessary? Couldn’t you have simply stated your thoughts and concerns about DS children without trying to go for political points? Nice attempt, but your blog post lacks sincerity.

    • Eileen

      I completely agree, this was a perfectly good post until the end. Why can’t she say anything without blaming liberals or putting politics in it. With a post like this she definitely could have brought together liberals and conservatives, but the snarky remark at the end ruined it. This is why liberals don’t like her.

      • Susan

        If Occupy Protestors were so concerned with Human Rights and Social Justice, why wouldn’t they want to be fighting for the Right to Life for the innocent children of the world?

  • CJ

    “In a society that’s so obsessed with perfect children, competition, better performance, and plastic surgery, Down syndrome is a death sentence. We are guilty of genocide, creating the master race by killing 9 out of every 10 babies with a genetic anomaly.”

    Bristol, I’m so happy you posted on this vital issue! It really got me thinking.
    The fact is, despite advances in Amniocentesis, not every genetic disorder or chromosome abnormality is detected with testing. Therefore, any number of seemingly “perfect” babies BORN, can potentially develop any number of anomalies during various stages of childhood. What then? What about the “PERFECT” children who develop Cancer, Autism or Cerebral Palsy? What about sudden tragic accidents which can lead to partial or complete paralysis, blindness, amputations and/or severe deformities? Shall we annihilate these children as well???
    At any given moment, for any of us or our loved ones, “PERFECTION” can suddenly be rendered “IMPERFECT”. BUT, IN WHOSE EYES?
    Those who strive to defy the HOLY ORDER AND COMMANDS OF ALMIGHTY GOD and revel in the perverse, demonic attempt to perpetuate a master race through genocide will instead fall prey to their own master of lies…….and reap what they have sown.

  • Bette

    Bristol – Like all these comments posters here, I too am so incredibly proud of you. That you did not abort your son Trig. And instead gave him to your mother so she could carry him around as a political prop when it suited her. Yeah, Bristol!

    • Jessica

      Are you kidding me?! You actually believe that Bristol gave birth to Trig and that her parents are raising him as their own? That is a sick and messed up lie made up by the tabloids. It isn’t even that original…the writers have obviously been watching too many soap operas.

      Bristol, don’t listen to the ugly things being said…they’re probably just jealous that they don’t have an awesome little brother like you do!

  • Linda

    Scientists are working on a test to deduct gay fetuses. So, Bristol, if you hang on a little while longer before you have another immaculate conception, you will be able to abort your fetus if he/she turns out to be gay. Ain’t science great?! Or maybe instead you can learn to love the little gay child and then lecture us on how precious he/she is.

    • Susan

      Bristol has never said she hates Gay people. Indeed, by your rationale Barack Obama HATED gay people back in 2008).

  • cathy
  • KCF

    Oh, and while we’re at it, can we please knock off the “I stand with”, “the x%” and “war on x” memes? It’s beyond repetitive and tiresome. I swear, sometimes I think independent thought is dead.

    I stand with the 99% War on Memes.

    • LMA

      Now, THIS is a comment ANYONE could get behind!

  • Chris


    Stand strong and proud and never back down!
    You are so impressive!


  • 56Survivor

    WooHooo! The liberals are back again. You all do know that everytime you click over here, Bristol wins! She has drawn you all in just like anyone with a Palin name does. The power of Palin is huge in liberal land. Love it!!

    BTW, your words do not define Bristol. Your words tells us all we need to know about you.

    • Leah

      Exactly right, HER words define her. Her words being hateful and full of hypocrisy like her mother. Someone in her position(being an UN-wed teen mom) shouldn’t spew hate and hide behind the bible when she obviously does NOT live her life according to the bible, rather picks and chooses what to believe and uphold from it. Although that is about 98% of “christians” out there.

      • Emma Lora

        I saw no hate because there is none. You wanted to hate so you just imagined it. This was a supportive blog and I appreciated it as many did. Those who chose to see hate and to hate must be very lonely.

      • Susan

        Leah, 100% of Christians are sinners. It’s why, day after day, week after week, we pray for the forgiveness of our sins. Indeed, none of us can live our lives 100% in accordance with God’s Will…only Jesus Christ could do that. Christians have never claimed to be perfect. Indeed, if you attend almost any Church, at some point in the Service there will be a PRAYER OF CONFESSION…where we kneel before God and repent of all the things “we have done, and left undone” and that “we have not loved our neighbor as ourself.”

      • Michael Teuber

        Leah, here is a word that defines you: