Today at the Park

Spending the day at the park with Tripp and our friends!

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  • Ron Devito

    Awesome photo, Bristol. Glad you enjoyed Memorial Day. I spent the morning at Clove Lakes Park near my house. The US Marines did an aerial demo. Here’s the video of the their pre-flight and takeoff:

  • Sharon

    I’m pretty sure that’s the exact place I almost knocked myself out chasing one of my kids! It’s a wonder!! Miss it now that mine are grown and looking forward to the next generation that causes me to shake a few marbles.

  • Peter

    You said that Bill Maher is a joke, but you still haven’t exposed his comments against you. (you’ll get lots of views if you do a good job exposing all his vile comments against you).

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Today the Wife and I took the day taking it easy. As for me I was studing Americas History in it;s battles with the Barabry Powers (North African Islamic Nations). It goes back as far as when George Washington was president. It was not until Jefferson was president that we had a navy and was able go into batlle and rescue those Christain Merchants being held as slaves. I wondering what if they had not taken a stand then against Isalm, if we would be today living under Islamic law.

  • blackbird

    Beautiful Photo.

  • http://!!! Tim Kelley

    “Sunshine on my shoulder makes me Happeee”…it’s good to realize happiness based on outward circumstances are nice… but joy that bubbles up from within one’s soul…it’s not dependent on the weather ..or winning elections…true internal joy makes everyday a sunny day!! Thank you Lord for sunshine&and the inncent smiles of children !!

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, she is super adorable! Is that Tripp’s little girlfriend? Enjoy the park with Tripp and your friends, Bristol. Happy Memorial Day!

  • David Dempsey

    Good Photo, Bristol. Thanks for posting it.