Exposing Planned Parenthood

Have you ever seen anyone actually happy about possibly killing an infant pre-born girl, even after admitting, “everything’s already pretty much developed?”

Watch this video of a woman who goes into a Planned Parenthood in Austin, Texas and tells them that she only wants to terminate the pregnancy if she’s carrying a girl.

Does Planned Parenthood condemn this or condone this “gendercide?”



Lila Rose and her Live Action team are fearless in taking on Planned Parenthood, so learn more about them here.  After Roe v. Wade is finally overturned, they’ll be remembered as heroes in the fight for life.

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  • shndags

    I dont think words could describe how awful this is. To kill an unborn child because of it may be the wrong gender or may have deformities or is not ‘perfect’ is so horribly wrong…I am still shaking my head. I look at my children with their quirks and struggles and just think about how I just simply could not imagine a life without them. If mothers aborted every child that wasnt perfect…NO one would be here.

    • CJ

      shndags says:
      “If mothers aborted every child that wasnt perfect…NO one would be here.”

  • John

    Dear Bristol

    Have you seen Anderson Cooper’s show on forced sterilization? I had no idea these things were going on in our country.

  • CJ

    Here is what is going on in our schools.
    As you can see, this topic is very close to my heart :)

  • Dennis McHale

    I wrote my disgust on Team Sarah

  • huntingmoose



    this is the utopia liberals and statists dream of.

    • CJ

      This is straight from the abyss! “MARANATHA………………………………………

  • AFS

    Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to millions of poverty stricken women and even men (including myself). So easy for you to attack them since you never had to worry about health insurance – being that you have government health insurance from your mother, not to mention the cash that comes from celebrity notoreity to cover your medical costs and those of your son with no problem.
    Over 90% of what PP does has nothing to do with abortions. Why attack them? It is especially tactless considering your privileged position. Disagree with abortion? OK. Make an ethical argument, a moral argument. Make your point to change the laws. But smearing PP – what is your point? Is it better that PP shuts down and millions of women have NO more healthcare options? So easy of you to say from your lofty perch.
    Also I noticed your support for Scott Walker – someone who is all to eager to cut social services and benefits for his constituents and government employees. So force women to give birth, and then don’t provide them or their children with any care afterward?
    My my, I sure got the message of the bible wrong. I thought the ONLY thing Jesus spoke about was love for your fellow man and helping the poor. I’m so glad I have rich folk like you to enlighten me Bristol.

    • Piscean Gal

      WHY are YOU, Bristol, passing judgement on others? Doesn’t your Bible say, “Thou shall not judge” anywhere? Are YOU without sin, Bristol, you who has had premarital sex and got pregnant and are STILL unwed?

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  • kyla

    what a load of crap. She wasn’t telling her to get abort the baby girl, she was explaining that if she waited that LONG to abort that she WOULD receive judgement, which she SHOULD, but it isn’t HER place to say if it is right or wrong. she is just giving that woman the facts that she had at hand to assist her in making a decision.