No, Obama Didn’t Eat Him

Thank you so much for all of the concern about my dog Charlie.  He was missing from Wednesday morning until Saturday night, and my heart almost broke!  Thankfully, Willow and her friends put posters up with her friend’s phone number on them.  They also put photos of him on Craigslist. Though Willow’s friend got a few calls about Charlie, the descriptions never matched.

Finally on Saturday the description was exact.

Thank goodness, we got him back!!

Here’s a photo of Charlie with Tripp and Trig.  Aren’t they all adorable?


  • Blitz

    Re my above…Would have made a lot more sense if I had pointed out tha A) Muslims consider dogs unclean, just as they do pork ( mmmmm bacon…) B) That Obumbles admitted he’s eaten dog and C) that means that he had to go out of his way to find it. Common sense.

    By the way, WHY in GOD’s name must you attack this womans mother on her blog every time she posts? Are you that deranged? Mrs. Palin is a great mother, wonderful intelligent person and now, listen up…this is important….NO LONGER HOLDS OFFICE!!!….

    Get a life and leave Bristol alone.

    • Patriot

      Sarah is a great mother? Two of her children had premarital sex as teenagers which resulted in pregnancies. One of them had a shotgun wedding and the other is still unwed. If they lived in a trailer park and weren’t famous you would be calling them white trash.

  • David Dempsey

    Good Photo, Bristol. Glad you found Charlie.

    • Patriot

      Most single mom’s can’t afford fancy toys like that. Glad to see Bristol is so representative of REAL moms. LOL.

      • otlset

        See? Nothing but a snide remark. You come here only to do that, only to spread negativity, falsehoods and grade-school level put-downs. It must suck to be you.

        • Patriot

          otlset you’ve made your fair share of snide remarks, negativity, falsehoods and grade-school level putdowns. Oh wait…that was you defending the palins right? You’re so brave and courageous otlset…standing for the truth and not afraid to speak your mind. Keep on keeping on I say!

        • ResponsibleHardworking REALSingleMom

          The snide remark is the TITLE OF THIS POST. How rude and uncalled for Bristol. Grow up.

          • otlset

            Can’t take a joke eh? (Re: the title of this post) Transcend your heaviness.

          • Annon

            The title of the post was NOT a snide remark. It’s called sarcasim. Can’t stick to one ID on your posts huh? If you don’t like the Palins, then don’t read her blog and don’t post. Go play on your leftist blogs.

          • Brian Phillips


        • Jason USMC

          whats with this otslet? and the Title was just plain disrespectful. I dont appreciate you talking about my President in that way, But what should i expect for a spoiled little brat?

      • Annon

        Patriot, you are an IDIOT. Maybe the grandparents bought as a B-day or Christmas gift. Did you ever think of that? Nope. I bought my grandchildren one by putting it on lay-a-away. Grow up.

      • ashley

        They are like $100.00 dollaes at walmart! Seriouslt?!?!

        • Jason USMC

          really 100??? wow your dumb, now go look it up

  • Mike

    In China it is customary to eat dog… Learn about other people’s cultures you uneducated twit

    • otlset

      Can’t take a joke eh? Lighten up.

    • Jason USMC

      hahahah Mike your so right

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  • Brian Phillips

    Glad you found your puppy. It sucks not being able to find a pet.
    I’m also glad to see your boy is driving an American made, non-bailout FORD! LOL

  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    I am glad you have the puppy back. Also good to see a Ford being driven – I had a Ford before, but traded it in for my current car, a Chevy. No complaints about either car.

  • Piscean Gal

    Why bring Pres. Obama into your lost dog issue? Wasn’t fellow Republican Romney the one who put his dog on top of his car and drove? Everytime I hear about that, I’m reminded of one of the National Lampoon’s VACATION movies, where Clark put Grandma on top of the car and drove….smh….