No, Obama Didn’t Eat Him

Thank you so much for all of the concern about my dog Charlie.  He was missing from Wednesday morning until Saturday night, and my heart almost broke!  Thankfully, Willow and her friends put posters up with her friend’s phone number on them.  They also put photos of him on Craigslist. Though Willow’s friend got a few calls about Charlie, the descriptions never matched.

Finally on Saturday the description was exact.

Thank goodness, we got him back!!

Here’s a photo of Charlie with Tripp and Trig.  Aren’t they all adorable?


  • TammyChicago

    Yeah! I am so happy for you guys! Wonderful news and great pic of the three babies hot roddin :)

  • Emelyne Roth

    Awe, so glad you found him! He is an adorable dog!!!

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  • Nicole

    Thank God you found your dog!!!!! Love the photo you posted of Tripp, Trig and Charlie.:)

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Hey is that Kid an insurned driver and are they wearing seat belts, and there’s Charlie wondering the same.

  • MajorPalinandHeath Fan

    Looking forward to your show Bristol. Maybe someone will shoot their t.v. if it does well.

  • Joseph

    Oh my gosh, I remember this photo! That’s Charlie when he was just a little puppy! So cute!!! :D

  • Susan Maurer

    Great picture! I will have to see if I can email or post a picture to you that I have…my daughter has that same truck and I have a picture of her driving with one of our dogs riding shotgun and one where Charlie is riding!

  • Misty

    Yes, that’s one of my fav photos you have on your facebook! They are all so tiny and cute in the toy truck. So adorable!

  • Gina

    Where was he? Was he dognapped or did he get lost? Was he ok when you found him?