No, Obama Didn’t Eat Him

Thank you so much for all of the concern about my dog Charlie.  He was missing from Wednesday morning until Saturday night, and my heart almost broke!  Thankfully, Willow and her friends put posters up with her friend’s phone number on them.  They also put photos of him on Craigslist. Though Willow’s friend got a few calls about Charlie, the descriptions never matched.

Finally on Saturday the description was exact.

Thank goodness, we got him back!!

Here’s a photo of Charlie with Tripp and Trig.  Aren’t they all adorable?


  • AnyOldNameWillDo

    Hi Bristol :)
    I doubt Riot would even fit in back there. Or at least not for long.
    On Riot: Quiet Riot, Let’s go Riot, Riot in the house now, Riot )))))).

  • Lex Luther

    You are a horrible, despicable person to imply that Obama would have eaten your dog. It was a low cheap blow. It just proves that you and your family have no class. But every time your mother opens her mouth and her shrill voice fills the air, she enforces that fact.

    • myr

      Oh! it’s true Obama eats why are you so sensitive about it..
      Honesty is the best policy Alex!!

      • LMA

        It’s not true, myr. He wrote about tasting dog meat as child when he lived overseas, where dog meat is eaten regularly. President Obama doesn’t eat dog. Moreover, much like jokes about Seamus Romney’s car surfing, it’s a silly dig that illicits few laughs anymore, even in less-educated circles.

    • Huntingmoose

      Clearly in the mind of a doped up moronic lapdog drone likeyou where what is good is eviland what is evil is good and like all liberals have no sense of humor .

      Now you go look for that job that obama just gave to another million or more illegals. Next time you get high, just OD and put yourself out of your misery so you can reduce your precious carbon footprint a bit

      • LMA

        *rolling my eyes* Please, Huntingmoose. You’re losing your cool.

      • Patriot


    • David Dempsey

      Left-Wing-Nuts like David Letterman are always taking ‘Cheap Shots’ at Sarah and Bristol. Letterman does not seem to care whether or not what he says is Funny as long as he gets his Stupid Point across. — But when Someone on the Right makes a Negative Comment about Obama, you Lefties just about blow-a-fuse. — why is that ?

  • sarah simpson

    so glad you found him !!!!!

  • CJ

    Bristol, I’m so relieved and happy to hear that Charlie was found!
    This photo has got to be one of the most ADORABLE ever!!!!
    PS….LOVE the headline!! LOL……Oh, heck……..LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! ;)

  • kate

    the photo is just wonderful. I am so pleased you have your dog back. God bless you all.

  • jessica

    Bristol’s tasteless, classless, uneducated comment about Obama eating her dog was meant to elicit cruel and obnoxious comments in return. She then can use these comments when she, yet again, plays the victim card. Like mother, like daughter.

  • Huntingmoose

    How contrasting your picture of life of those three and how it would have been in the world of Obama: the two babies killed and the dog eaten. We need more people like you Bristol!

  • otlset

    Can you get weiner dogs on a stick in Indonesia? Have you ever seen anybody walk a corn dog? And why do your dogs get so tired and sore when you walk long distances in stiff shoes?

  • Kori Andrews

    Girl… I adore you and your family but you gotta stop with the insults.
    You are one of the few public examples the young people in our youth group follow.
    Many are friends on your FaceBook page and read your blog regularly… but it’s getting old having to defend you. You recently made a post centered around foul language (the Bill Mahr video) and posted comments full of curse words in order to show how vile some of your blog readers can be. We had to explain this to those kids. Skip that post, please. Why?? they asked. We are all about bringing awareness to the anti-Christian ways of our current President but we make sure to treat all people with respect. We are all children of God, even the President and his family. You took time to insult his daughters by insinuating they watch Glee and Dora the Explorer (I think they are a bit too old for Dora). Don’t talk about these innocent children, please. We are over joyed your precious pup was found, but why do you have to insult the President? Come on, honey! He ate “dog” as a child.. long ago. Christians are about the truth and uplifting one another. We don’t tear others down in the process by making jokes at their expense. Please keep these things in mind for future posts. Young Christian men and women are following you and looking up to you as an example. We will all be tuning into your new show. I’m going to assume your arms were bent in regards to the content. If this was the only way you could get your message out, I totally understand. Right now they are making a mockery of you by showing your break down over Willow not staying to watch your child. Many in our youth group thought that was silly drama. We don’t want to hear about how Tripp’s father (also a child of God no matter) is horrible. Please leave the insults out of your message. I was hoping, rather than a reality show, you would of taken part in a Documentary showing your charity work and possibly visiting a Teen Pregnancy Shelter? If Willow can’t watch Tripp for you, how about giving the job to a struggling teen mom? What a wonderful message! You truly could change someone’s life by taking them under your wings like that. THAT is the Bristol we want to portray to our youth group. You are making it very hard!

  • Blitz

    Give me a bloody break you haters. Dog is NOT eaten regularly in a muslim culture. Muslims consider them unclean, so yeah….get the facts. OH!!! I forgot. You libs don’t need facts, just feelings.