“Forget Chuck Norris, We Got Todd Palin!”

Check out this new NBC reality television “Stars Earn Stripes” – featuring my Dad!! It looks amazing! Check out the trailer here:

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  • lizzie tullis

    yay!!!! bristol!!! cant wait to see the new show!!!! loved your moms show, your show with tripp and gino! now your dad!! woot woot go todd palin!!!!!

    • Emma Lora

      ditto Lizzie!

      I will guess this will be one of the best reality show idea so far!!

  • http://EileenS Eileen the elder

    I never watch anything on NBC/MSNBC but will make an exception to see Todd in action along side Americas finest! It looks real and very exciting.

    • Jellybean

      Ya well, when it makes the palin clan money, it’s no longer the mainstream media is it. They would sell their souls for cold hard cash.

      • Truth

        The show is for charity you nitwit.

        • Joseppi

          Todd is also getting paid.

          But I think it’s great he is doing this show. Reality TV is good fit for the Palin’s.

      • Emma Lora

        Wow! jealousy over the $$$ is intense. Are the trashers so concerned about every other reality show participants? Palins and supporters are not concerned about trashers’ bitterness over $$$ made, but they can’t help being jealous I guess. Very peculiar!

        • Joseppi

          I don’t think it’s the money they are criticizing but the hypocrisy.
          The Palin’s have criticized the network publicly, but they have no problem taking their money when offered.

          I personally think it’s great that they can put aside their values and convictions to earn an honest living for their family.

          • tom stewart

            It’s not just the money and hypocrisy, it’s the downright trashy nature of how they do it and expect to be relevant political players in the aftermath.

            I still love Willow’s line, “What’s Syria?” Awesome when her mother says, “Don’t say that in public.”

            As far as I’m concerned, have at it losers, every minute they’re on TV the more foolish they look and the more Palinbots bend themselves into pretzels to justify their derangement for Anything Palin TM.

    • Jellybean

      Ya well, when it makes the palin clan money, it’s no longer the mainstream media is it. They would sell their souls for cold hard cash. I should say the lamestream media.

    • Jellybean

      Ya well, when it makes the palins money, it’s no longer the lamestream media is it. The palin clan would sell their souls for a dollar.

      • blueniner

        Yeah Jellybean we heard you the first time your just another PDSer troll, move on!

  • me here

    Todd is, and has always been, one badass dude. The Iron Dog will always prevail.

  • bellagrazi

    I got chills watching that, Bristol! Your dad’s a badass! I’ll definitely be watching!

  • http://FaceBook Cricket Nichols

    Can’t wait to see the show…..Todd Palin will prevail.

  • Amanda

    Watched your episode last night and just wanted to suggest that you Google how to properly buckle your son in to his car seat. His straps were WAY too loose and the chest clip is supposed to be at his chest, that’s why they call it that. He was also tipping over at times it seemed so maybe the seat itself was also not being used properly. Maybe you are unaware so I thought it may benefit you to research it a bit!

  • anybodybutbarry

    This is a show I look forward to seeing.

  • Sue Lynn

    Looking so forward to it!!! Also love “Lifes a Tripp”!!!!

  • blackbird

    I did not expect Stars Earn Stripes would be this riveting, the show looks awesome and credit goes to all the great cast members. Go Todd!!!

  • Amanda

    It’s gonna be a great show! I know your family emotionally an financially supports the armed services and the good they do, and this only promotes that support in a positive way.