On Second Thought: Episode 12 – First Love, Then Marriage

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now! 

Episode Twelve, Air Date: July 24, 2012

I don’t know where to start on this one.

On second thought, I really wish I’d handled things differently with Gino. I’d had big expectations for a fun trip together, but I think I was too ambitious.  Going that far with a small child was going to be hard enough.  But adding in romantic drama was just a bridge too far.

I didn’t want to continue fighting with Gino in front of Tripp, so I decided to just have him get out.  (Of course, I knew he’d be okay.  Not only is he a capable adult, I also knew there were cameramen from Lifetime who wouldn’t let him die on the side of the road.)

Anyway, I don’t want to write much more about this episode except that dating when you already have a kid is hard.  I think the old school yard chant, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes so-and-so with a baby carriage” has more wisdom in it than we knew as kids.

But that’s not where I am, and life is complicated.  I don’t want to write much more about it.

However, God is in control of my life…  even though sometimes it’s hard to see.

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  • LindaT

    Hi Bristol. Don’t listen to anybody who says negative things about you. You’re an amazing mom and person. Those people who say harsh things about you because of who your mother is are just jealous of you. Everyone has their own beliefs and they shouldn’t judge you based off of yours moms beliefs.They especially shouldn’t say negative things about you or to you in front of Tripp. People may say that you’re a bad mom but you aren’t. You do everything you can for Tripp and he’s lucky to have a mom like you. I love your show and reading your blog. Hope to see more. Stay strong!.

  • k m

    As I “hear” your thoughts, many Scripture passages come to life. When you stand for God, his enemy HATES it (and you) so will attack (which is what he is doing through people who don’t like what you speak, which is Truth). The enemy is called the prince of the air and could that be today’s media empires (not Lifetime though, hehe) and their liberal messages and arrows? That enemy is trying his best to hit you where (he thinks) it counts but keep choosing to take captive your thoughts and think on what is pure and excellent and praiseworthy (Psalmist tells us God exists in our praises of and to Him) and God will continue to be your tower of refuge and strength. Keep your eyes on Him and He will keep his eyes on everyone else. You are so blessed to have your family and it’s so encouraging for you to recognize that publicly! You are remarkable, in a wonderful way, and I love keeping tabs on you. May God watch over you!!

  • grnma

    BRISTAL, All I can say is this…and you know it well, we can do all things thru-Christ Jesus….you sahll sine as a child of the most Hi God…dont ever forget who your Heavenly father is..all those ugly things some say come from the pitts of hell. disregard it, and cover youself with prayer. God has a plan for you…dont let fame and fortune stand in the way of knowing…who you are..a beautiful child of the most High.you are beatiful dont let hollywood corrupt you,keep your values and all will be just fine..in JESUS NAME. satins children gossip about your mothing out of wedlock..but they dont dare mention murdering the unborn out of thier unwed situations…they hate that you did not hide a mistake however you have a beautiful child..to adore and love ..what a gift, GOD will provide for you.MR RIGHT IS COMING YOUR WAY..just wait on your savior..he will bring him along..Blessing to you..a hug.

  • Stephen Smith

    Don’t let your past keep you from meeting a new man… I’m sure there’s someone who can see the potential that you hold for the future. Your child is part of your life, let someone in to help you raise him.

  • Teatard

    EmmaLuuura is a riot! I think it is related to the paymes or a paid ‘net defender. Either way the pitiful thing is amusing.

  • minnesotaguy

    Jellybean apparently you do not know what it takes to become a politician. I have a friend whose mother is a DFLer for the State and she is never home during sessions because they are passing bonding bills and other bills that need to be passed in the State. Now on Palin she is busy getting more knowledge on the different country’s in the world and also she is working on either 1). Working on trying to become a VP for a President or 2). She is working really hard to become President of the Untied States of America. Let me tell you if you do not know anything about a Politicians family you should not be saying anything about the family unless you know what is going on.

  • LickMeBristol

    Jellybean ROCKS!!!

  • Emma Lora

    p.s. Jelly

    If the media offers her a gig… why not take it. Shouldn’t you be upset w/ the media?
    If Hollywood offers an invite… why not take it… Shouldn’t you be upset w/ Hollywool,
    You see Jelly… trashing doesn’t stop the Palins… they are not intimidated. So I guess you will just have to continue being bothered.

  • Grannie Annie

    I completely agree with Louise! You broke that little boys heart – just for drama on TV – get off and out of the lime light before his life is ruined and give that nice guy Gino another chance. Good heavens go back to this wonderful place called ALASKA and raise your child like YOU were raised. Get out of the limelight and get on with raising your child. He will not have a decent idea of what a father, dad is like if you keep jerking his little heart around. Geno seems to love him and so does Tripp. I stopped watching your program, because it give me NO insight into who your family really is. I love you and your family! GO BACK TO ALASKA AND RAISE YOUR SON! Drop the drama stuff!

  • Cortnee

    really your telling her to grow up thats funny, let me guess if you have kids louiseharas your kids are perfect they never got in to trouble or anything you were the perfect mother as well… if thats true your fact because know one is perfect and bristol at lest owns up to it… dont point fingers cuz 3 are always pointing back at you

  • lizzy

    Totally agree..time to grow up Bristol and think before you act on something. Seems everything you’ve done on the show, you’ve had “second thought” about, do what’s best for Tripp for a change and go home and raise him. Forget about men in your life right now, TRIPP comes first!

  • http://essexandorange1773.com Ray

    We all make mistakes every day. It is those who never are big enough or strong enough or honest enough to learn from their mistakes that they keep repeating them. You are watching another human being make mistakes and learn from them. We should all bnow we all make mistakes …but how are you treating your mistakes? Learning from them? Ignoring them because you always think you are right? I can’t help but admire a young woman who is so willing to take a look inside and admit when she is wrong. Not only that, but to expose herself to judgemental jerks like you. Now THAT is brave of Bristol! Your mistake? Judging others. Learn from it!

  • Truth101

    It is a shame how jealous of Bristol you are. There is nothing special on this blog to make you think Bristol didn’t write it. Stop being so jealous.