The Truth Behind Tripp’s Hair

On reality television shows, it’s important to keep everyone’s hair in generally the same shape, from beginning to end.  That makes editing easier, if the producers aren’t worried that in scene one your hair is long and in scene two your hair is short.

Some of you have noticed that Tripp’s hair is sometimes different in the scenes. That’s because Willow — now that she’s in beauty school — loves to experiment with his beautiful golden locks.  Every time I turn around, she’s done something to it!

Okay, so I guess I like to switch it up too.  Check out this hair style I got Tripp a long time before I had a deal with Lifetime.

Wouldn’t they have died if I’d given him this cut before filming?

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  • CJ

    LOL, This is hysterical!! How ADORABLE is this child? Whoever took this photo and captured Tripp’s expression in the mirror is brilliant!!

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Too, too cute!

  • Tim D Enchanter

    My sister had a friend who was studying to be a beautician … I even let her give me a perm once … my best friend used to call my sister “Autumn” because every time he saw her she had a different hair color … FYA

  • Thomas Hubbard

    It looks I’ll have to have a little talk with Tripp, on Rights to choice of Hair cuts Freedom Act.

  • TLemmbert

    Hair dye is dangerous. What mom in her right mind would let her sister use CHEMICALS on the head of a child that age?

    His hair is different colors simply because he aged during the whole two years that the show was shot. Why not just admit that?

    The Bible says that lying is wrong. Why do you continually lie?

    • section9

      Is there an interstate cloverleaf you can go play in with your Trig Truther friends?

  • Georgia

    Willow is having fun with her nephew Tripp and Bristol is too. However, Tripp is in charge! When Willow asked him if he wanted her to cut his hair again, he said, “NO!” There ’tis! Tripp will decide. He is so doggone cute!

  • bellagrazi

    Finally, the “Mohawk” picture! I remember this photo from your book, Bristol. Super cute! I love Tripp’s beautiful golden locks, but I prefer his hair closely cropped. He looks like the big boy that he is. Good job, Willow!

  • Shara

    He’s so cute