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The creamy center is filled with demonic nougat!

What’s the use of Halloween if you don’t have lots of scary? So, I present to you the terror that is Pat Robertson and his insane clown posse: Yep, you heard it right. Demons just love to sneak into bags of Halloween candy while it sits all lonely in the grocery store. Here’s a few [Read More…]

Video: Halloween Math

Maybe kids don’t like math because they don’t have teachers like this: The teacher’s name is Matthew Weathers, and he is a professor at Biola University. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Cartoon: Hehe for Behe

Happy Halloween! Here’s a comic strip featuring a perfect costume for the irreducible stupidity of Michael Behe and his not so complex insanity: Click image to enlarge. You gotta love it! Brother Richard [Read more…]

Video: Dawkins and Evolution

This is a refreshing interview with Richard Dawkins concerning his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. I particularly  like it because Allan Gregg (the interviewer) asks intelligent questions without wasting most of the time having to deal with the same old creationist silliness first. From YouTube: Controversial author and atheist Richard Dawkins [Read More…]

Arnold Schwarzenegger's "accidental" acrostic

If California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is really this creative, I might start liking him again. Check out this supposed accidental acrostic hidden in a letter from The Governator to the members of the California State Assembly: It’s even better if you add the “I” from the first paragraph. It sounds more Schwarzenegger-esk. Brother Richard [Read more…]

Two more videos of Hitchens and Wilson

Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson continue their media tour promoting their new Documentary film: Collision. I posted two of their previous appearances (here and here). Today, I give you their two most recent appearances. Both of these programs gave the men more air time. This is great because they have more time to develop their [Read More…]

Caption this Jesus picture

I saw this photo the other day, and it absolutely cracked me up. I would love to hear what type of caption you guys and gals can come up with for it. Mine is at the bottom of the picture. “I found Jesus! He’s the one in the back yelling Freebird.” Brother Richard [Read more…]