CBB Featured CDs for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is upon us. What better way to reflect on this season of thanks than listening to a talk or to geared toward this subject. Here are my picks for the week that I will be listening to......how about you?Click the cover image above to purchase this talk as either a CD or MP3.Dr. Scott Hahn explains the essential teachings from God's Word regarding the theology and practice of Catholic family life based on the image of the Blessed Trinity, demonstrating that God's Word is all … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Twenty-Six: St. Leo the Great says be pleased with what pleases God


Be pleased with what pleases God God knows more than we do, and sometimes hard times may do us as much good as good times. St. Leo the Great reminds us to be thankful for both, and let the uncertainty of life teach us spiritual constancy. God wants us to be good, because he is good. So none of God’s judg­ments should displease us. For if we don’t give him thanks in all things, what are we doing but blaming him to some extent? Let whatever pleases God please us, too. Let us rejoice in what … [Read more...]

CBB Interview with Eve Tushnet


PETE: How difficult was it for you to write Gay and Catholic: Accepting My Sexuality, Finding Community, Living My Faith and be so open about your story and struggles?EVE TUSHNET: I didn't really have a choice. I'd tried several times to write a version of this book, but I always stalled out, I think largely because I was still drinking and wasn't able to be honest about my alcoholism. I didn't want to write about that, but the book rang very false to me without it--it was shallow and coy. … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Twenty-Five: St. Basil says give your leisure to the Lord

Give your leisure to the Lord Making a humorous but still pointed apology for a long sermon, St. Basil tells his congregation that the longer he keeps them there, the longer they stay out of trouble. Unless your leisure is also filled with love of the Lord, it’s easy to fall into the pit of vice. I’m ashamed to see that my sermon has gone on longer than usual. If I consider the abundance of matters on which I have just discoursed to you, I feel that I am getting carried away; but when I ref … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twenty-Four: St. Basil wants us to learn the lesson of the bees

Learn the lesson of the bees St. Basil points to the bees as an example to all Christians. They work indus­triously with no complaints, their queen leads them by mildness (St. Basil calls it a king, but most of the rest of his entomology is surprisingly accurate), and if they sting they die. Some of these unreasoning creatures even have a government, if the feature of government is to make the activity of all the individuals serve one common end. This may be observed in bees. They have a … [Read more...]

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twenty-Three: Tatian says be happy with enough, and you’ll get what you want

Be happy with enough, and you’ll get what you want The rich have many problems, says Tatian, and the poor have few. Be satisfied with a little, and you’ll find it much easier to get what you want. I don’t want to be a king. I’m not anxious to be rich. I decline military command. I detest fornication. No insatiable greed makes me go to sea. I don’t strive for chaplets; I have no mad thirst for fame. I despise death; I’m above every kind of disease. Grief does not consume my soul. If I’m a slav … [Read more...]