Exodus will be a big movie. Not a small movie. A big movie. The studio really wants you to know that.

exodus-facebook-140909In case you haven’t heard, Exodus: Gods and Kings is going to be big. Huge. Epic. Immense. The most embiggened thing that was ever supersized.

20th Century Fox made that point in a featurette that came out last week. In less than two minutes, the filmmakers used words like “epic”, “massive” (twice!), “giant”, “immense”, “big”, “bigger”, “exponentially” and “biggest” to describe their movie — and now the movie’s Facebook page is posting photos with those size-emphasizing quotes.

Today’s photo is yet another brand new shot from the opening battle sequence. (If there’s one thing the studio has emphasized more than the bigness of this film, it’s the fact that the movie has an opening battle sequence.)

There’s Moses, and he’s got his bow out, and the group of soldiers beating up on each other seems appropriately multiethnic — and at the top of it all is a quote from the production designer, who declares, “It’s an IMMENSE production.”

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Darren Aronofsky on how the Alberta tar sands influenced the visual look of Noah

aronofsky-dicaprio-bruneeDarren Aronofsky came to Canada last week, along with Leonardo DiCaprio and Sierra Club director Michael Brune, to check out the Athabasca oil sands, a.k.a. the Alberta tar sands. Afterwards he gave a few interviews in which he discussed the environment and how he has dealt with that theme in his work. Among other things, he revealed — for the first time, to my knowledge — that the look of Noah was partly inspired by the tar sands.

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Noah: new posters for the home video release make creative use of quotes and images from the film

NOAH.posterTwo weeks after the Blu-Ray release of Noah, and four weeks after its digital release online, the studio that made the film continues to release new images promoting it — and some of them are quite striking.

The thing that distinguishes these images from nearly all of the pictures and posters that have been released so far is that they are not based on photos from the film or its set. Instead of showing Russell Crowe or Emma Watson in character, surrounded perhaps by computer-generated rain and waves, these images are pure illustrations, and even a bit abstract, in a way that might not have felt out of place in the art show commissioned by director Darren Aronofsky.

A publicist working for the studio sent three images directly to Patheos, including the poster that you can see above. The studio has also released a couple other images via the film’s Twitter feed. You can check them all out below the jump.

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Noah video round-up: a deleted clip, some new soundbites, and a “weather readiness” promo

vlcsnap-2014-08-08-10h01m27s29And the videos keep on coming!

Three weeks ago, five excerpts from the bonus features for Noah were released online, to coincide with the film’s release to Digital HD. The Blu-Ray itself came out last week, and with it, a few new videos.

Check ’em all out below the jump.

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Noah interview round-up: the visual-effects artists

vlcsnap-2014-08-07-21h30m54s105Noah has been out on Blu-Ray for over a week now, and new interviews with the filmmakers are popping up here and there. The Chicago Sun-Times has a new interview with Ben Snow, who oversaw the visual effects on the film, so I figured I might as well create an “interview round-up” for the visual-effects artists similar to the round-ups I’ve already created for director Darren Aronofsky, co-writer Ari Handel (updated today!) and cinematographer Matthew Libatique.

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Noah gets an infographic and an Ark-building app

noah-appNoah may have come out on DVD last week, and it may have come to digital streaming two weeks before that, but that doesn’t mean the promotional efforts around this film have come to an end. Today Paramount sent out an e-mail with links to two new tie-ins: an infographic with animated GIFs and brief excerpts from the Blu-Ray’s making-of featurettes, and a ‘Noah Ark Builder App’ which is basically a matching game that allows you to collect food, build the Ark, and load the animals. (It may or may not allow you to do more than that, but I haven’t made it past that level yet.) The app includes tiny clips from the film and bits of the score by Clint Mansell.

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