Stretchy Anglicans

From the scholarly William Tighe:Walton Hannah (1912 – 1966) was a Church of England clergyman who wrote a famous exposé of freemasonry called Darkness Visible. He became a Roman Catholic and left England for Canada (I think because of masonic harassment). In 1957 he wrote a pamphlet explaining the crisis which was current in the Church [Read More...]

The Real Battle of the HHS

The battle now enjoined between Barack Obama and the Catholic Church will not be about health care, or women’s rights or contraception or abortion for very long. It will not even be about freedom of religion or the defense of personal conscience or freedom of choice. It has already become what it always was: a [Read More...]

The Domestic Monastery

I’m guest blogging for the Anchoress this week, and writing on monasticism. Jump over here for a short post on the application of monastic wisdom in family life. [Read more...]

Auntie Joanna

Joanna Bogle is home after her trek to the wilds of the West…that is the USA. She reports here on her visit to Alabama, Ohio, South Carolina, the March for Life and then back across the Atlantic. [Read more...]

Gone to Ground

I’m being a hermit for a week. That is to say, an Anchorite. I’m guest blogger over at The Anchoress and will take the opportunity to blog for a week on things monastical. I’ll be posting links here, and blogging here and posting links there, so you can hop, skip and jump around if you like. [Read More...]

The New Radicals

Some time ago I read a piece by an aging former hippie complaining that the younger generation have no passion of political protest. This old guy was remembering his glory days of sit ins and peace protests and riots in the streets and anti war protests and rock concerts. He’s blind to the fact that [Read More...]