Big Puppets at Mass

YouTube Preview ImageYou know those big puppets they have at Mass sometimes? Can I have one like this please?

I’m thinking it would be very good as part of a homily on that great serpent the Devil.

  • Alice C. Linsley

    We can only blame the Devil for so much. Perhaps a better lesson would be to distribute mirrors and at the right moment tell the parishioners to look at themselves.

  • MTD

    But… but… dinosaurs were birds, not lizards!!

    • Reluctant Liberal

      I love nerds. Go you!

  • flyingvic

    Well, it can’t be the mother-in-law because the jaw isn’t blurred through constant movement; but apart from that, I must say that it bears a remarkable resemblance . . .

    • Reluctant Liberal

      This is a really ugly trope. I love my mother-in-law.

      • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

        I love my mother in law too!

  • Bob Wirth

    That’s cute! Sweet! I’d like one too!

  • Marya

    I am happy to say that I have never seen any big puppets at my local Mass–which is another instance of God’s mercy towards me.

  • Al Bergstrazer

    Gotta love the Aussies! “Now THAT’s a puppet!”

  • Warren

    Just a thought: a real one, trained to hunt dissenting Catholic politicians… . Of course, knowing that wild animals can be a tad unpredictable, I’d be in a protective cage while the beast is mangling and consuming its prey.