Seal of God’s Approval

Gospel detail for today: In today’s gospel Jesus says about the Son of Man: “on him God has placed his seal” — (Jn 6:27)

Four things about this ‘seal’:

1. It is the wax seal which bears the authority of the king. It was made with the king’s signet ring pressed into hot wax and the document then bore the authority of the King himself. So Jesus is the validation of God’s word to his people.

2. The seal is the mark of a deal done. We still put similar seals on documents that are notarized. It is the sign that the agreement has been made and the deal closed. So Jesus is the seal–the mark of God on the covenant between God and mankind.

3. It is also the seal of royal approval. The Queen of England still allows her royal crest to be printed and displayed by merchants from whom she purchases. This is called the royal mark and signifies validity and approval.

4. And most interesting… Jesus is the seal of God. In other words, he is God’s imprint on the hot wax of the human race. He is the image or imprint of God in the world. Think of the Shroud of Turin–like God’s seal singed or imprinted on the world. Chist is that imprint of God.Last thing: If Christ is the imprint of God in the world. We are to bear the mark and imprint of Christ. Let our hearts be hot wax on which Christ the signet ring of God makes his indelible mark.

  • Bogart

    Hi Father, can I be a bit of a pedant? The Queens approval of suppliers is called the Royal Warrant. They have an association called (naturally enough) the Royal Warrant Holders Association. Their website gives all the info about how it is awarded. I do know that they get invited to one of the Royal Garden Parties every summer in Buckingham Palace as a friend of mine works for one of the companies and he went last year.

    • Fr. Dwight Longenecker

      Royal Warrant! Of course. That’s the term I was looking for but couldn’t remember. Thanks.

  • Bogart

    Also the Royal Coat of Arms which suppliers are allowed to display on their stationery and vehicles must not be carved in stone or otherwise permanently attached to their premises as it must be removed if they lose the warrant. I am sure there is a sermon in that fact somewhere ;-)