Faith Works

Today sees the launch of my new weekly e-newsletter. I have felt for some time that the blog and social media could be complemented with a short, punchy weekly newsletter that focusses on practical Catholicism. On the blog I tend to muse about things theological or liturgical or Anglo-American. The blog is for discussion and theory and humor and my own kind of stuff of all sorts.

The e-newsletter is called Faith Works. It is just a couple of articles each week on how to live the Catholic life in simplicity–trying to trust and obey with joy and energy. There will be links to blogs posts–mine and others–as well as connections to social media. There will also be ads for stuff that might be appropriate and links to my books.

If you would like to subscribe, then fill in the form here and receive the first edition. I hope as the whole thing develops that it will be expanded and will provide some simple, practical and down to earth help for a good number of people.

Here’s the sign up form:

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