I’ll Fly Away Oh Glory!

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Yesterday was the memorial of St Joseph Cupertino who is the patron saint of pilots and airline stewards and writers of children’s stories about people who fly. This is because he was known to levitate. Taylor Marshall gives a summary of the saint’s life and wonders here. It is saints like Joseph of Cupertino who really do make me happy to be a Catholic. What delights me is this: there is something about the crazy miracles of flying saints or incorrupt bodies or weeping statues of the Madonna that is so counter cultural, so standing on my head-ish, that it is exactly what our dull, economically obsessed, utilitarian, self obsessed, materialistic, cruel and heartless culture needs.

Here is a saint who is, by all accounts, so dim witted that he can scarcely learn the necessary stuff to be a monk. That’s one in the eye for all the innerleckshulls. Read More.

  • Zwetschgenkrampus

    St. Joseph of Cupertino is indeed a marvellous example of how-not-to. He was a continuous embarassment to his order, because of his little ways (flying through the church WILL get people’s attention). He caused, one at a time, several conversions of prominent protestants when these worthies were on their grand tours to Rome and got to meet him. He is said to have sweated blood before his novice’s final exam; how he passed THAT is another miracle. Thusly, he became the patron saint of Italian pupils fearing their exams.