Catholicism Pure and Simple

Here’s what people are saying about the new edition of my book Catholicism Pure and Simple:

As a Catholic radio host, I’m always on the prowl for resources that are loaded with both the “what” (accurate content) and the “how” (effective communication).  Father Dwight Longenecker’s Catholicism Pure and Simple nails both of these qualities.  For Catholics or anyone else hungering after that mysterious “more” in life, this wise book is a gem.   A natural born teacher, Father Longenecker takes an eclectic approach to explaining the biblical and historical foundations of the faith “once delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3) in a way that transforms as much as it informs.  – Patrick Coffin, Radio Host, Catholic Answers Live

Catholicism Pure & Simple is a fantastic new primer on what it means to be Catholic. Fr. Longenecker avoids footnotes and highfalutin theological language to reach the regular Joe in the pew. His thoughtfully crafted volume is convincing. It’s a great read for anyone who wants to become more grounded in their Catholic faith.” —  Patrick Novecosky, Editor-In-Chief, Legatus Magazine

“Father Longenecker has provided to the Church, and those interested in its beliefs and practices, a clear, concise, intelligent, and highly-readable account of what it means to be Catholic. As part of the RCIA team at the St. Peter’s Catholic Student Center at Baylor University, I highly recommend Catholicism: Pure and Simple as an outstanding text by which to introduce pilgrims to the Catholic faith.”

– Francis J. Beckwith, MJS, PhD, Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University. Author of Return to Rome: Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic

Catholicism Pure and Simple is available here in print and to get it as an e-book. Go here.