Stick ‘em Up – Day 3

Come on now pardners! I know that you can do better. I’ve been talking to Padre and he tells me that the donations are not coming in the way they should.

Now lookee here. Padre only asks for your help once a year. Now let’s say you made a donation of $75.00. Ouch! You think that hurts do you? But it’s only twenty cents a day for a whole year! Why twenty cents don’t even buy you a candy bar! Shucks, why you can’t hardly buy anything at all for twenty cents, but here you are soaking up all the Padre’s hard work and wisdom and humor and spiritual insights and all that for completely free?

C’mon there folks! Ain’t you even just a tiny bit ashamed for bein’ such tightwads? So what I’m askin’ you to do is to find the generous part of you and get on over to Padre’s right sidebar and make a decent donation.

Don’t be piddlin’ about with $5.00 or $10.oo. Why don’t you pay what you think it’s worth and donate $50.00 or $75.00? Let’s say for a minnit that you was going to buy yourself a magazine or newspaper. Why just one newspaper would cost more than twenty cents, and you’re getting a good read every single day–well almost–for your contribution.

You got my drift? I know you do. Now all you got to do is click on Donate and pitch in. If you don’t I might just have to pull the trigger.

Now go on. Git.