New Evangelization and the New Media

One of the problems with trying to communicate the gospel in the digital age is that everything seem so easy and cheap. I can make a radio show called a podcast right here from my laptop. Shucks, I can make a video with my laptop and load it up to my own YouTube video. I can produce a book and publish it from my desk as an e book in just a minute or two. Everybody can do it and it’s cheap and cheerful.

The problem is, I often wonder whether there are more people talking than people listening. Also, material can be produced cheaply and quickly, but getting the material out to the user is still difficult and time consuming. Getting the audience to tune in is difficult in the first place. Getting them to stay tuned in is even more difficult. The material therefore has to be sharp, fast paced and entertaining as well as enlightening. Not easy.

Then you have to keep up a regular stream of stuff. A blog is a voracious monster in itself. Then you try to write books, produce a radio show and do all the other stuff and you soon are producing too much of low quality. It’s complicated…

This week during my Stick ‘em Up Campaign I’m working hard to share with you some of the joys and difficulties of the work that I do in the New Evangelization. It’s hard work, and as I said yesterday there is more and more work done for less and less financial return. I don’t do it for the money, but I need the money to keep doing it! It actually costs me time and money to produce all the material and pump it out there. Unfortunately I am not backed by a wealthy parish or a charity with a steady income. I depend on the sale of some books and the donations of readers once in a while–and this once a year push for funds.

So the Stick ‘em Up Campaign continues. Everything you do helps, and if everybody does something we’ll get the job done.