Stick ‘Em Up 2012

OK, now pardners. You know the drill by now. This here good padre is needin’ you to dig deep and put some of your ole hard earned into the kitty.

It’s what he calls the annual ‘Stick ‘em Up’ campaign. I know, I know I kin jes hear y’all bellyakin and moanin’ and groanin’ about the fact that the padre don’t have that real pretty and easy to read blog no more. I know y’all don’t like them billboards for the Mormons and all that other stuff. But y’see the padre has to eat too and remember he has some little uns that need feedin’

Fact of the matter is, he’s using the donations this year to expand his work. He’s startin’ up one of them radio shows and that takes money. He’s started a real nice weekly newsletter and that costs some. He’s publishing his own books to here and there and that take some cash to get them out to market.

So what about it now? Ya’ll enjoy reading this blog don’t ya? Do you think it ought to be totally free? I don’t. I know the good padre spends hours typing away on his old machine to share the faith with y’all, so let’s go. Dig deep. Show the padre that you care and help him spread the good news. It’s called Evangelizin’…

I once knew a sweetheart called Evangeline, but that was a long time ago in another town…

The Pressures on Publishing for the New Evangelization. Caitlin O’Rourke on Evangelization.

  • Christian

    I wanted to name my first daughter Evangeline, but she was named after Sta. Francesca Romana instead.