Mark Shea’s Easter Must Read

Mark Shea demolishes the modernist critics and skeptics of the Resurrection in this classic piece of writing. Whether you love him or hate him, this is a Mark Shea MUST READ. Take time to read it and weep–with joy.

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  • vox borealis

    Great piece, and I’m not much a fan of Shea. And Happy Easter, Fr. Longnecker! And thanks for providing this wonderful and thoughtful blog and putting up with our various comments and criticisms. I always find here an intellectually and spiritually rewarding experience.

  • Tom S


    Several years ago, you posted a quote from Tolkien, or maybe CS Lewis, about the nature of the gospels. That single quote – similar in concept to Shea’s post – has saved my faith more than once in the intervening years. If you remember it, could you possibly repost ? I remember the essence but not the exact verbiage.

    Thank you Father, for this post, that post, and so many other which have meant so much .

  • Bill

    I love Mark Shea. Actually, sorry Father, he’s my favorite Catholic blogger.

  • Tom S.

    Thanks, Father, that was good..

    It does remind me of a post you made some years ago which featured a quote from either CS Lewis or Tolkien, as I recall which said some of the same things. I cannot recall the exact words, but it was something to the effect of questioning the knowledge of those who suggest that the Gospels are works of fiction. That one quote has saved me more than once. Thank You, Father.

  • Mike

    I am not remotely qualified to judge but either way I was very impressed by it.