Rooster Cogburn Catholicism

Taking a break today in my series on What’s Killing American Catholicism. Instead, on the same theme, here’s one from the archives called Rooster Cogburn Catholicism. It’s calling for Catholics to get some true grit.

Tomorrow I’ll continue the series with Cafeteria Catholicism. On second thought I suppose today’s post could continue the alliteration by calling for Cogburn Catholicism–which would be in contrast to cutesy Catholicism? Perhaps I’m stretching this thing out a bit much….

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Yep. ‘Cogburn Catholicism’ is part of the solution.

    However, on that theme – and maybe it’s because I’m in England – but I couldn’t ever take ‘Fr Corapi’ seriously (or any other ‘John Wayne impersonators’ one finds in the States who talk out of the side of their mouths to sound tough, I’m afraid). Oh. Another Catholic C…

    ‘Corapi Catholicism’: hypocrisy/crap. Fr Marcel Marceau, or whatever his name was, who started the Legionaries would fit that category too. :)