Sister Helen: Pray More!

When my younger brother Daryl went out to Africa to drill water wells a saintly woman in the parish said she had no money to support the project, but she would pray. So Daryl went out and he encountered horrible heat, deadly disease, language problems, technical problems, money problems and far more hardships then they could have imagined.

I went to see Sister Helen and she showed me a post card she had received from Africa. Daryl had simply written, “Sister Helen. Pray More.”

The message applies, and here are two books to help you do so. David Calvillo runs a men’s apostolate called Real Men Pray the Rosary, and that’s the title of his book.

David has written a practical, easy to read manual for praying the rosary. He gives the interesting and wonderful history of the rosary and fills his book with stories of ordinary men who have picked up the prayer beads and had their lives changed. At the end of each chapter is a “Tool Box-Simple Exercises to Jump Start Praying the Rosary.” This little book is not only a ‘how to’ manual, but an inspiration. If you don’t know how to pray the rosary or have set the devotion aside, pick up the beads and pick up this book and return to the simple devotion that takes you into the heart of the gospel with Jesus and Mary.

Gary Zimak has also written a neat little book on practical Catholic spirituality to help you pray more. A Worrier’s Guide to the Bible is a collection of fifty Bible passages to bring peace and resolve in the midst of life’s crises. Eight chapters with several meditations each cover these subjects: Confusion, Despair, Doubt, Fear, Persecution, Sickness, Trials and Tribulations, and The Secret Weapon. Each meditation is short enough to be used in daily devotions, each one begins verse, then Gary gives a meditation and ends with a prayer.

Gary Zimak is also active as a speaker and broadcaster giving retreats and parish missions which help Catholics apply their faith in practical ways.

These  two books are much needed. So many Catholics are hungry for simple, practical ways to practice their faith and apply the power of Christ in their lives. The message from the authors and from me is “Brother and Sister. Pray More.”