A Choice Selection

Whooee! The post on Voris stirred up that hornet’s nest. To be fair, most of the comments were rational and a there was what I like to call ‘a frank exchange of views’.

However there was a fair bit of poison too. Here is a selection of  the juicier contributions to my combox from Michael Voris supporters:

Also it is important to note that Voris has never claimed to prophesize anything. I think he just say’s things as he sees them…I guess the truth is too much for “Fr” Dwight Longenecker! Maybe Fr. Dwight became a priest for all the wrong reasons. Heed Pope Francis’ warning when he says careerist Catholics need to find humility. Jesus speaks about hypocrites a lot and he has nothing good to say about them.

We need Michael Voris a lot more than the filth that has infiltrated the Church and Pope Francis’ word echo from Michael Voris’ mouth when he said that we should live for worldliness or careerist. Bishops have become increasingly weak in their stance against the filth within. The Church of nice is rotten.

I can’t believe this blog by Fr Longenecker. I think he has not idea how bad things really are in the Church, and how deep the corruption and decay goes. If he had even a clue of what is going on, he would be a subscriber to Voris’s material. Also, if you make over one hundred thousand dollars a year, don’t be begging for money. Take a cut in salary. What is your salary, Fr. Longenecker?

Capitalizing on Jesus eh Fr. Longnecker? Thou protesteth too much. Try reading Denzinger.

Do we need Michael Voris? Yes, we need many more like him. We see the mess Michael talks about. I saw the mess years before I ever heard of Michael Voris. The real question is why are priests, like Father Dwight Longenecker, not trying to clean up the mess? God bless Michael Voris and his team!

You’re a liar Father. Your headlines speak volumes you are talking about him personally. Your experiences with know it all’s in feel good groups speaks to your protestant up bringing. When you become a real Catholic then you can lecture us on what is and isn’t appropriate for a Catholic.

blah blah blah blah blah… “I’m so educated and know so much more about theology than anyone else does I’m a Priest and can dis the faithful because I’m soooo educated.” In the words of Padre Pio “Go to Hell”‘

Voris criticizes the “Church of Nice” at least these folks can rest assured that they do not belong to that category.


  • CT Catholic Corner

    No regrets Father for asking the world if it “needs Michael Voris”?? You don’t think a priest say such a thing is hurtful or degrading to a human being God saw fit to place on this earth at this time? No regrets? Really Father?
    To say I am disappointed doesn’t come close to what I feel right now.

    • http://a-star-of-hope.blogspot.com/ JoAnna Wahlund

      Yet it’s okay for Michael Voris to ask if the world needs Catholic apologists like Jimmy Akin et al? Please start thinking for yourself. Voris is guilty of the exact same “sin” of which you accuse Fr. Dwight.

  • Virtue leads to Christ

    Sigh. Father this post is akin to watering and fertilizing the weeds in your garden. Let it go. Focus on feeding your flock (which you do best!) and let the vermin be ignored. It would do well for your great blog to not highlight the stains of the internet and keep people attentive to your message of virtue!

    Thanks for all you do!

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat Katrina Fernandez

    YAY! Welcome to the Church Universal. All our welcome. All our welcome.

  • Jess

    I think I would listen to Michael Voris more if, once in a while, he would talk about what’s good about our Church (and there is a lot) instead of constantly, endlessly, smugly criticizing everything and everybody. Lighten up! Your ranting and raving get tiresome and you turn people off.

  • AK

    Wow. I am a traditional-minded catholic who attends Latin Mass at our parish here in Taylors, SC. I watch almost every episode of the Vortex and enjoy them and think they do a great service. I also happen to be close personal friends with Fr. Dwight. He’s my neighbor. We sit on the back porch and share drinks and discussions frequently. I am appalled at anybody who would call into question his orthodoxy or real Catholicism. I know the man. Personally. And knowing that, I’m sure he’s already forgiven that comment and offered his mass intention and suffering for that soul.

    • Nathan718

      I happened to be passing through upstate SC and attended Mass in Taylors. I’m not sure if it was the parish you attend and it wasn’t the EF, but the Mass was beautifully done. I’m a usual EF attendee at home, but the OF in Taylors was the best OF I’ve ever attended. Add to that Fr Longnecker in Greenville and upstate SC seems a surprisingly good place to be Catholic, who would have thought.

  • gespinb3549

    Though I am thoroughly appalled by the disrespect and lack of charity shown to you Father, I daresay, the contributor has made one or two good points. As I wrote on Facebook, Voris isn’t perfect and I am sure he is aware of that. Neither are any of us…..except the RadTrads, who seem to think they have a monopoly on perfect. ;)

  • Bernie

    God help us if these are the loving Catholics in our church.

  • Cathy R.

    Sigh, a least for today, I find myself disgusted with the people in my church. I am so saddened by the ad hominem remarks from all sides trad/rad lay, priest & (I guess) bishops too. ALL OF YOU !!!!!! The wolf appears to be in the fold. I think I have to stay away from these blogs for a while too. Bye.

  • Catholic Psych Doc

    I am a “Traditional” Catholic–whatever that means. I live in the South where there is a strong Southern Baptist influence in our Catholic Churches. I tell anyone who listens that I am a Catholic in spite of the Catholic Church in the USA; not because of it. I like Mr. Voris and I also like you, Father, so why can’t we all just get along? (LOL)

  • Manolo

    Dear Fr. Dwight, I saw the video in question and I believe that the principal issue addressed by Michael Voris was not so much the salaries being paid.
    I believe the major point of Mr. Voris is that with such large salaries being paid, the truth about the sickness in the church is not spoken about or addressed by these so called professional catholics. They won’t bite the hand that feeds them so to speak, thus allowing the rot to continue unexposed which continues to weaken the American Roman Catholic church as displayed by the lack of church attendance on Sundays. We definitely need Michael Voris, Just my humble opinion. West Palm Beach, Florida

  • diane_6LlR97VP6

    As Katrina said, Welcome All. The church has room for everyone. We squabble and bicker, we pray, we try to discern His will for us, we work on her behalf, we sin, we forgive and are forgiven, and on it goes. Let us pray for our church:

    By your unfailing mercy, Lord,
    purify and guard your Church,
    and since without you she cannot stand fast, support and guide her always by your grace. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


  • voxcantor

    Dear Father Longenecker,

    I am extremely disappointed that you, as a Catholic priest, would write what you did. I for one have had enough of the slurs and comments of “rad-trad” and “mad-trad” and other such epithets from the likes of Shea, Coffin and the rest; but to have it come from you is very disappointing.

    As you did this publicly, you can be corrected publicly, even by me, a lowly layman and blogger.

    Frankly, you need to retract it and apologise.

    This will now appear as an open letter on my blog; Vox Cantoris.

    In Christ,

    David Anthony Domet
    Toronto, Canada

  • johnnyc

    Michael Voris may go off the rails at times (I don’t think so in this particular case) just like all Catholic bloggers and commentators are prone to do at times but if you have not had a chance to view or listen to his subscription shows you are missing some excellent Catholic apologetics. His One True Faith series is RCIA worthy and also essential for Catholic formation. Season four is one of the best series of talks I have heard by a lay person on the Eucharist with episode two Eat My Flesh being an excellent talk on the Bread of Life discourse. I realize it is ten bucks to view these shows (I believe you can listen to the audio free on another site) but if you can afford it check them out. Other shows of his that are equally as good (that I know of) are Right Reason, Armor of God, Majesty of Faith, Retreats & Talk. He also produces shows for children and teens but I am only familiar with one on the Popes which was very good.

  • OneTimothyThreeFifteen

    Struck me watching Voris’ attempt to redeem himself in his latest video (Protecting the Status Quo) ‘the real point’ he claims he was making, sounds awfully like Donatism.

  • susan

    Wow, you’ve really jumped the shark here. It’s become all about you. Father, in the spirit of charity I would say to you step back. This blog has become a poison to your soul. You are not the priest you were when I read you years ago. You’ve lost your first Love. Drop the blogging. It is a stumbling block to you and a danger to your sanctity.

  • Therese Warmus

    Ah, Father. We need your priesthood. And I think you should know that the Lord of lords Himself shoves out of bed every single morning those little old ladies who criticize your sermons, the Traddies nagging you over of points of rubric, altar boys that arrive dressed inappropriately, and perhaps even the young lady liturgist wanting to bring back the ’70s, complete with tambourine, to remind you that He loves you. You have every reason to be happy, so let them see a smile on your face.

    May God bless you. ;-)