Bl. Dominic Barberi

Today is the Memorial of Blessed Dominic Barberi--the saintly priest who received Newman into the Church. Here is a Newman’s account of the event:

At the height of his struggle over his conversion, Newman had written: “If they want to convert England, let them go barefoot into our manufacturing towns, let them preach to the people like St. Francis Xavier – let them be pelted and trampled on, and I will own that they do what we cannot…let them use the proper arms of the Church and they will prove they are the Church”…then in September of 1845, Newman heard that Fr. Dominic – the saintly preacher – would be stopping at Littlemore he felt that this was the external sign he was looking for. He would ask Father Dominic to receive him into the Church. Dominic arrived late at night, dripping-wet for he had been sitting on the top of the coach exposed to the continual rain. On entering the house he went at once to the fireplace to dry himself. The door opened quietly and Newman entered. In a moment he was at Dominic’s feet, praying for admission into the Catholic Church! “What a spectacle it was for me to see Newman at my feet! All that I have suffered since I left Italy has been well compensated by this event. I hope the effects of such a conversion may be great” said Blessed Dominic.

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