An Interview With The Exorcist Author

The WaPo carries an interview with The Exorcist author William Blatty here. I remember when The Exorcist was released. In our fundamentalist church we weren’t allowed to see Disney movies, much less something terrifying. There was a genuine hype amongst the population, and maybe that’s a good thing….people realized the devil was real.

Blatty is engaged in a campaign against Georgetown for their increasingly liberal pro abortion stance. He complains about the college’s uncomfortably close links with the pro-death Obama administration…

Bill, why are you punishing the school you love, the school whose scholarship money rescued you from a childhood of restless poverty in New York, the school that made possible your life, that cemented your faith?

“If you truly love someone that you think needs to be in rehab, you’ll do everything you possibly can to get them into rehab,” Blatty says. The last straw, he says, was Georgetown’s invitation of Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services,to be a commencement speaker in May of last year. Sebelius has a record of supporting abortion rights, and abortion is the issue that really sets Blatty’s nerves on fire.

He describes, his voice trembling, a particular abortion procedure in graphic detail.

He pauses. His voice is nearly a whisper.

That’s demonic.”

I’d like to meet that guy. Go here for the full article.