Nietzsche and Your Neighbor

Friedrich Nietzsche

John Zmirak writes here about the philosophy (or lack thereof) of the man in the street…

But we shouldn’t incessantly invoke the worst criminals of history to illustrate subhumanism; such melodramatic comparisons too easily let us off the hook. (“I thank you, Lord, that I am not as these commissars who starve kulaks….”) Instead, let us look at ourselves, and our friends and neighbors. Let’s examine a trend in American childbearing – namely the fact that more than 90 percent of infants diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome are killed before their birth. The parents who make these decisions are not moral monsters like the men who volunteered for Nazi or Khmer Rouge killing squads. They are not even at the level of racist Southern sheriffs who beat up black voters. And yet, these American parents are using violence to eliminate innocent people. We should examine their reasons, and see if we can find any flaws in their logic. Let’s listen in on an argument between two parents who have just received such heart-wrenching news.

Read it and weep.

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