The Imaginative Conservative

I have started writing regularly for The Imaginative Conservative website. I’m delighted to have this forum to explore subject and issues wider than just the Catholic faith. In England it was difficult to embrace the title “conservative” because that was the name of one of the two main political parties.

The Imaginative Conservative website is in the tradition of Russell Kirk–expounding a cultural conservatism that is wider than merely political or economic theory. The imaginative conservative is a person who believes in the “hermeneutic of continuity”–that the present can only be lived and the future forged–in a successful and fruitful way if our roots remain deep within the civilization that has gone before us. The conservative relies on that which has been tried and tested to move forward imaginatively into the modern age. This means drawing on the thought of the great writers, artists and thinkers of the past and making new combinations for the problems of the present and the future.

Here is my first article on Nostalgia and Desire in C.S.Lewis and T.S.Eliot and here is my second offering which uses the art of Thomas Kincade and Andrew Wyeth to illustrate two ideas of American conservative.

Why not bookmark The Imaginative Conservative and go there regularly to learn? They are doing their best to present an intelligent, reasonable, educated and balanced kind of conservatism–well removed from the loud mouthed, often bigoted and shallow conservatism of talk radio and the popular press. With writers like Thomas Howard, Stratford Caldecott, Joseph Pearce and others you’ll find excellent articles across a wide and interesting range of topics.