Topless Femthugs Attack Catholic Men

Rod Dreher reports here on a shocking event in the Pope’s own Buenos Aires. A group of pro abort feminists trying to desecrate the cathedral were met with by a group of Catholic men standing in defense of the cathedral blocking their way. The men stood praying the rosary. The women–many of them topless–attacked the guys with spray paint, obscene gestures, sexual harassment and worse.

I often don’t comment on the more sensationalist stuff on the internet–mostly because I wonder if half of the horrible stuff you read is true–like the python who swallowed the drunk in India last week. But there is a video of the obscene protest, and as I have already written about women’s ordination today I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to have a peek at the dark reality of radical feminism and where it’s headed.

Brothers and sisters, if you think this kind of outrage is an exception, an anomaly, a strange eccentricity think again. This kind of thing will be coming to a cathedral near you before long. The reality is that the progressives are never satisfied. They are driven by irrational rage–and it doesn’t really matter if they are radical homosexualists, feminists or atheist secularists–if they are radical progressives their sweet, smiling reasonableness will be replace with violent, stomach churning rage.

That’s because they have swallowed the lie of an ideology. Satan always uses an ideology to lure people into a dark place. An ideology is built on discontent and driven by envy and blame. An unhappy person longs for a better world. They join some group or ideology that promises a better world. Then they set about to force that better world on everybody else, and when they don’t get what they want or their better world turns out to be a worse world because, hey guess what, their leaders turn out to be hypocritical, power hungry control freaks–they go berserk.

It ain’t pretty. Here’s the video if your stomach is strong enough. Be warned.

YouTube Preview Image

Rod makes the good point that the mainstream media was all over a story when a few traditionalists daubed the cathedral in Buenos Aires in protest, but not a word about this horrible, violent and sexist outrage–I say sexist because the femthugs were intentionally making it a sexist event with their nudity, crudity and attacking the men’s crotches. We heard all about the Russians beating up gays, but not a peep from the media about this large scale, violent and disgusting attack.